Heath Ledger helped Rose Byrne land roles in America

The 42-year-old famous Australian actress, Rose Byrne is best known for her acting in notable films such as Marie Antoinette – 55% Trojan – 54% X-Men: First Class – 87% Devil’s Night – 66% extermination – 87%, sunlight: solar alert – 76% and many others. Bern It was his first big movie with Dallas doll In 1994 a film directed by Ann Turnerand in 1999 appeared opposite Heath Ledger on the big screen in Two Hands – 67% is a film directed by Gregor Jordan. It’s worth noting that both were Australian productions, but it wouldn’t take long for the actress to make the leap to Hollywood.

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In a recent interview with independent (Across Indiewire), Rose Bern Reflecting on the Legacy of the Late 10 Things I Hate About You Star – 61%, and how important this is to her and her fellow Australian-born actors. Bernwho worked side by side Arbitrage At the end of the 1990s, he confirmed that the actor was a key player in his career in the United States. The actress said the following to the outlet:

It was a whole mix of us: actors who got jobs, actors who didn’t. Being Australian, you’re a stranger, a foreigner, so join in. Heath was a real champion for that. He left earlier and started getting work here. He was instrumental in helping me and many people get jobs and get into rooms.

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The actress described her arrival in Hollywood as a wonderful adventure with friends:

Each of us drives to Joshua Tree, or stays in [casa] Heath in Los Feliz. We were all in our late teens or early twenties, and there was a lot of enthusiasm about it all.

During the interview, reflecting on his acting style, Bern Discuss his great ability to “fade in parts” and also not get the “instant gratification” that Hollywood craves on screen. The actress shared the following:

I definitely do not fall into this category. Maybe I fall into the category of a character actress, which I’m not trying to flaunt modesty or anything else, it’s just a tough job to put yourself in. She sure wasn’t as confident as a 20-year-old or even a 28-year-old, you know? It has taken me a long time to feel more comfortable in my skin. It’s boring of me to say it, but I’m always grateful to be a consistently working actress. It’s not easy. It’s hard work, and people tend to fall into traps or rely on other things to get past them.

Rose Bern Not the only actress who remembered Arbitrage Recently, because Jake Gyllenhaal, who starred in Brokeback Mountain – 87% with the late actor, praised the actor for condemning anti-gay jokes about his new Western love affair. Gyllenhaal Mention the following (via Indiewire):

Lots of jokes were made about the movie, or things like that were ridiculed. and full dedication [de Ledger] Given how serious and important the relationship between these two characters is: it showed me how dedicated he is as an actor and how dedicated we are to the story and the movie. We were teasing each other before continuing, then overwhelmed with a deep understanding of the depth of this matter. This happens constantly to this day, and I can’t really express how proud I am of it.

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