Congress paid more than 210,000 SOL for 13 lawmakers’ trips abroad in less than three months

The Congress of the Republic spent more than 200,000 soles on trips abroad, only on 13 legislators in three months. (Photo: Composition – Infobae/Renato Silva)

he Congress of the Republic In the first three months of the year alone, it spent only 210,000 soles on travel costs and travel expenses for 13 members of Congress, who made official trips abroad, according to the Legislature’s Transparency Portal.

Publicly available information indicates that the members of Congress who made these trips are:

  • Popular power: Ernesto Bustamante, Rosangela Barbaran, Juan Carlos Lizarzaburo.
  • Bicentenary of Peru: Guido Bellido
  • Developed country: Roselli Amoroz
  • Popular renewal: Jorge Zevallos
  • Free Peru: Isaac Meta, Americo Gonza
  • Alliance for Progress: Mrs. Camonis
  • We are Peru: Hitler Saavedra
  • Judicial bloc: Alex Paredes
  • Popular work: Wilson Soto
  • Unassembled: Maria del Carmen Alva

Congresswoman Amoroz (Avanza País) is the one she took the most trips abroad with Carlos Lizarzaburo And Jorge Zeballos. These are representatives of Peruvians abroad and their trips took place within the framework of Representation Week.

Congresswoman Amoroz visited the United Arab Emirates and the United States on trips paid for by the Congress of the Republic in February and March of this year. (Photo: Victor Vasquez)

In case Amoroz CongressmanThe representative of Avanza Pais attended the parliamentary conference of the World Trade Organization, in Abu Dhabi (The United Arab Emirates). On this occasion, between February 25 and 26Congress spent more than… 16 thousand soles Which was divided into 12 thousand soles for air tickets and 3858.90 for travel expenses.

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In March, a few weeks after that first trip, the congresswoman traveled to… United State To participate in the high-level meeting and dialogue sessions of ParlAméricas. This requires a greater cost than 12,700 soles Due to flights and travel expenses of the Third Vice President of Congress.

he Congressional Transparency Portal He also notes that five members of Congress traveled to the city Geneva (Switzerland) on the occasion of participation in Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly. These parliamentarians are: María del Carmen Alva, Ernesto Bustamante, Rosangela Barbarán, Alex Paredes, and Wilson Soto.

Although the five parliamentarians went to the same destination and participated in the same event, the parliamentarians were well received Various amounts for their travel expenses ranged between 11 thousand and 13 thousand. However, the representative of the Judicial Bloc, Alex Paredes, received a smaller amount: 7,300 soles.

Rosangela Barbaran was one of the congresswomen who spent the most on travel in the past three months, with more than 25 thousand soles in airfare and travel expenses.

In this delegation of five parliamentarians, only two spent sums greater than 24,800 and 25,500 soles: Wilson Sotto and Rosângela Barbarán, respectively. This is because, in these cases, the air tickets for members of Congress cost 13,633.30 soles, in contrast to the approximately 5,600 soles that the three tickets cost for the rest of the parliamentarians.

When consulting with commerce As for the reason for the high prices for his air tickets, he pointed out that the Board of Directors took some time to grant him permission to make the trip. “next to, Switzerland is an expensive countryHe pointed out.

Parliamentarian from Popular power He also stated that he did not reject the trip because “I backed down two chambers and this was the third and Peru will not have a representative for the votes that took place because it requires parity.” Peru is an active member of the UIP (Inter-Parliamentary Union). “This is not an invitation trip but rather meetings like plenary sessions.”

For former senior congress official José Cevasco, the cost of airfare for the five parliamentarians who attended the IPU session was predictable through the legislative branch’s administrative district.

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In addition, Cevasco criticized Congresswoman Amoroz’s trip to the United Arab Emirates. “For what kind of invitation must Congress pay for the invitation, ticket and accommodation?” commerce.

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