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The sequel series will premiere on Prime Video

Prime Video continues to expand the world of science fiction following its success He falls also Oceanic. Let’s remember that in 2022 he announced that he would make a sequel series to Blade Runner 2049 Titled Blade Runner 2099.

Two years later, we finally know more details about this ambitious project. Based on reports Delivery time, Academy Award Winner Michelle Yeoh (Everything at once and everywhere) Join the cast. Her role has not yet been revealed, although she is considered the protagonist.

Blade Runner 2099 He will visit the future symmetrical world again The line between being human and being artificially created blurs over time, considering Denis Villeneuve’s film starring Ryan Gosling. Prime Video has not yet announced the year in which it will premiere the series.

Yeoh has had an impressive career spanning several decades of memorable films, e.g Tiger and dragon. He has recently starred in a number of major projects, including Shang Qi and the Legend of the Ten Rings From Marvel or the canceled Netflix series Brothers of the Sun.

I wasn’t expecting anything interesting from Nolan, but this crazy work of sci-fi gave it to me

In the era of artificial intelligence And all ethical discussions about it are a privilege Blade runner He is definitely someone who can contribute to this conversation. Since its debut in 1982, the science fiction story has been at the center of issues regarding what is real, what is manufactured, and what cannot be replicated.

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Although the film’s belated sequel greatly expanded on these themes, seven years have passed since its release and technology has changed a lot in recent years. Blade Runner 2099 Once again inspired by the novel by Philip K. Dick Unexcused absence? Silka Louisa (aura) serves as showrunner and executive producer alongside Ridley Scott.

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