The Ansys retired “footprints” of retired judges and diplomats

Judges and diplomats denounced that Ansys who controls Vinanda Raverta player“footprints” on their pension, so They have to resign to receive the assets, but the money reaches them only after a year or two, What they spend all that time without having an income.

The situation began with judges, who had a special pension system, and a later law included ambassadors and ministers of the diplomatic corps in the same manner. Repairs to that system took place in February 2020, before the pandemic, amid an attack Christina Kirchner s Alberto Fernandez Against judges accused of collecting privileged pensions. And now a new fix is ​​being sought.

“It’s part of being cruel to the judiciary. The same thing happens to members of the diplomatic corps as it does to us because they are placed in the same system. Judges can go from eight months to a year without being able to collect the payments since their resignation. The Nation, Marcelo Gallo-Tagglepresident of the Association of National Judges and Justice Staff (AMFJN).

President of the Association of Judges, Marcelo Gallo-Tagle; Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Carlos Rosencrantes, and former Minister of Justice Marcela LosardoDaniel Gayo – Archive

The judge said they are analyzing “presenting some procedures in court” to solve the problem. “The process is disrupted when payment has to be made. They tell Ancis that the procedure is ready, then the judge has to resign and open the account to collect the credit, but they don’t settle it and up to 10 months or a year passes,” the judge said.

“It’s a credible decision for someone to say pay or don’t pay“We’re analyzing filing an injunction because we can’t go a year without getting paid,” Gallo Tagle said.

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Meanwhile, the diplomats sent a letter to the Foreign Minister Santiago Cafieroalthough the main arrows were aimed, almost directly, at the head of the Anses, to claim about 20 retirements that “stepped” in the body.

“There are currently cases of officials leaving their posts for more than two years. And that, having started the retirement procedure in time, they have not yet received their pension benefits and without receiving any remuneration or income,” stated in the letter signed by Gustavo ZlavenenPresident of the Professional Association of the Permanent Corps of the Nation’s Diplomatic Corps (APSN), and representative of the Diplomatic Union in the country.

Exhibition of Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero in the Senate of the Nation
Exhibition of Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero in the Senate of the NationRodrigo Nespolo – The Nation

The complaint, which has not yet received an official response from either of the two individuals involved, reflects, according to various diplomats they have consulted. Nation The decision to “retreat” diplomats’ pensions, included in the so-called special systems It was distributed as “distinguished” by the government. It is subject – like judges – to the discretion of the powerful entity that runs the Rivera and that administers retirement and pensions in the state.

“The passage of time without a satisfactory response only exacerbates the situation of our partners, who, after in many cases having made more than 38 years of Social Security contributions, are denied food income and also suffer loss of social work coverage and entitlement to Medicaid after the expiration of three months since the activity stopped,” said the letter received by Cafiero.

It also suggests that at least “they shall be granted the retirement advance provided for in Section 79 of the Nation’s Foreign Service Act No. 20957, from the date of each interested party’s request until the pension is granted by the ANSES”, after consulting the Treasury attorney, who leads the Kirchnerist Carlos Zanini. Appealing to your sensitivity and responsibility, I ask that you take the necessary steps before ANSES to normalize your pension status.The letter to the State Department ends, both for those who, despite the commencement of the retirement procedure, did not receive their first pension, and for those who will soon retire and are not in the same state of disability.

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“It’s a dangerous and unfair situation,” says Zlavenen. Nation, and counts at least eleven cases (there will be a total of about twenty) of retired diplomats who receive no income once their career in the diplomatic service ends, some after four decades of activity. The diplomat, who was a vice chancellor, added George Forey The last months of the Cambiemos government.

Jorge Faurie recommended the exhibition "home and life" At the Cuban Pavilion of the Book Fair
Jorge Faurie recommended that the exhibition “Home and Life” be held in the Cuban Pavilion of the Book Fair

Neither Zlauvenen nor other diplomats were consulted Nation They believe there is a “witch hunt” against ministers and ambassadors who are all set together for change. “On the list are opponents, but also professional diplomats and even government officials‘, diplomatic sources are aware of the official delay, which – at times – with some exceptions, admits it under their breath. In other words, some members of the diplomatic corps retire and gain political influence by starting to collect their retirement before others who do not have those contacts.

“The allegation is true, and it is true that there have been delays of more than two years. Foreign Ministry sources confirmed to this newspaper that work is underway on this issue and in dialogue with Ansys to find a solution. From Ansys they asked this newspaper for “more details” of the diplomatic union’s official protest, and promised a response, in The end of this note, he did not arrive.. “The problem is not only with diplomats .. Ansys money is used for other things in a system that does not stop anymore.” Nation One of the diplomats who managed to retire in recent months. He stressed that there is also a technical unit in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that deals with the retirement of diplomats, despite its inability to grant benefits.

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Last February, President Alberto Fernandez He stressed that in the context of negotiations with the International Monetary Fund in search of his government’s agreement Drove pension abolition “Special privileges” for diplomats and members of the judiciary.

What is being talked about are special privilege systems, where there are mainly ambassadors and judges. We did something with the judges, but we have to go further. The same with ambassadors,” the president confirmed in a brief audio recording sent to Radio El Destape.

In this way he denied copies of some kind of pruning to the university’s faculty and staff in the final discussion with the IMF, which was not finally included in the agreement. Until March of this year, according to the Statistical Bulletin of Social Security (PACE), the retirement of diplomats, attachés, consuls and ambassadors abroad was only 690 people, 431 pensioners and 259 pensioners. The median income, at that last record, was $709,821 on average.

“We went to court to claim because so far we have not got an answer, the economic and even psychological damages are many, and they say we have a premium retirement when we contribute 40 years, sometimes in very difficult circumstances, it is really painful,” concludes Zlauvinen.

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