The Chinese special envoy travels to the United States – DW – 07/05/2024

Special Envoy L Climate change to China travels to United State The Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the Asian country announced on Tuesday (07/05/2024) to meet with his counterpart John Podesta.

“Special Envoy for Climate Change Liu Zhenmin will lead a delegation to the United States from May 7 to 16 for talks,” he said in a statement.

For its part, the US State Department indicated that negotiations will take place in Washington.

The two parties will talk about issues such as “energy transition, methane and other greenhouse gases as well as carbon dioxide, the circular economy and resource efficiency (…) and deforestation, among others.”

This is the first meeting between these two officials who were recently appointed to their positions (Leo in January and Podesta in November).

It is also the first meeting on the environment between the two powers since the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai last year, in which the two countries supported the eventual abandonment of fossil fuels.

Before that summit, Liu and Podesta’s predecessors negotiated a joint statement in California that laid the groundwork for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28).

China indicated that the two envoys expect an “in-depth exchange of views” on the agreement reached in California and will talk about “strengthening cooperation between China and the United States on climate to achieve practical results.”


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