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EA will implement this feature with the New High School Years Expansion Pack, but it will be available to everyone.

We already knew that The Sims 4 intend to represent her All kinds of groups. That’s why, at the gates of launching the “Yes I do!” EA Values Do not allow downloads in Russia Because of the country’s anti-gay policies. Editor It ended up falling back From that decision, and continue to develop functionality like those announced today: the possibility Choose your sexual orientation of our sims.

The Sims 4 allows you to change your sexual orientation through a range of different optionsAs we read in ea . blogThe new expansion pack, named high school yearswill introduce an update to all players that will allow us to determine the sexual orientation of the characters through Many options. Because, considering that technical limitations do not allow to add more than two genres to the game, the developer decided to improve the comprehensiveness through other means.

As you can see in the image above these lines, Create a Sim mode offers three new options. First of all,’This Sim is romantically attracted toIt will allow us to select the gender that will interest our character, although they confirm from EA that this option can be expanded in the future with the inclusion of more alternatives.

the second choice ,My sim is a passionate exploration“, causes there to be no specific preference for the avatar and thus to show interest in the two existing genres in The Sims 4. Finally,,”My sim is interested in WooHooing withIt gives us the possibility to choose the gender that you want our Sim to have sexual relations with. This update will allow you to do a different groupsbecause we can have friendship with the right to rudeness if our sims are aromatic, but are interested in maintaining intimate relationships of close character.

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Given that this update is coming at the same time as DLC for the high school years, it looks like we’ll be able to start changing our sexual orientation in sims. Next July 28. This is set as an additional step for EA for improve inclusivity From his life simulator, because over the past months he has released patches for it Enter personal pronouns In The Sims 4.

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