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Ray-Ban Meta: How much do Mark Zuckerberg's famous smart glasses cost?

The device can identify historical places and give information.

Ray-Ban Meta looks like regular glasses, except that it integrates an Internet-connected high-resolution camera that can stream live, speakers, artificial intelligence through Meta AI, and the ability to understand multimedia languages, that is, it processes voice commands based on what the user sees.

The same Mark Zuckerberg He has used it on more than one occasion on his social networks. There he takes the opportunity to display its functions: for example, when he travels, he uses it to tell him information about the tourist attractions he visits through the command “Go, look and tell me the history of this monument.”

Glasses, in themselves, are usually expensive and this is their collaboration Ray-Ban and Meta is no exception. Below, we tell you their different prices and styles.

These glasses come in three types of frames. (Goal)

These smart glasses, in addition to incorporating advanced technology, promise to adapt to different styles, which is why there are three types of Ray-Ban Meta presentations: Wayfarer, Skyler and Headliner.


These lenses are the most classic version of lenses. Additionally, they have a limited edition with Scuderia Ferrari for Miami 2024, there are only 1,000 units worldwide and each pair is delivered in a special package.

The cost of the standard version of Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer sunglasses is:

  • Target page: $329.
  • Ray-Ban Page: $351.
The special edition with Ferrari is inspired by two emblematic cars of the brand. (Goal)


This version can come in four colors for its lenses: pink, blue, green, or orange. Their prices are:

  • Target page: $299.
  • Ray-Ban Page: $351.
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The latest version of Ray-Ban Meta sunglasses combines the Wayfarer style with a round lens frame. They come in black and light brown. they cost:

  • Target page: $329.
  • Ray-Ban Page: $351.
The glasses are compatible with Android and Apple devices. (Goal)

Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are compatible with prescription lenses and can be purchased directly from You can also add prescription lenses to your Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses at select LensCrafters stores.

To use Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, you must connect the glasses to a smartphone and the Meta View app.

Here is the full list of what you need:

  • A smartphone running a recently released operating system: Android 10 and later (with Location Service enabled), or iPhone 10 and later (with iOS 14.4 or later).
  • Wireless internet connection.
  • USB-C charging cable and adapter (if charging from a wall outlet and not directly from a USB port).
  • Valid target account.
  • Meta View app (downloadable from Apple App Store and Google Play). The photos you take and videos you record on your device won't be uploaded to your social media accounts, sent via text message, or added to your phone's photo album without your permission.
The case can be used as a charging device for lenses. (Goal)

The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and charging case have different charging cycles.


  • When fully charged, the glasses' battery lasts for up to four hours with moderate use (Capture and sync up to 100 videos or up to 500 photos per full charge). This may vary depending on usage and other factors.
  • You can fully charge the glasses in approximately 75 minutes inside the charging case.
  • You can quickly charge the lenses to 50% within 22 minutes inside the charging case.
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Charging status

  • The charging case provides up to 32 hours of charge for the glasses. The number of hours varies depending on how you use the functions.
  • You can fully charge the case in 3.5 hours using the USB-C cable.

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