WhatsApp definitely changes its color on iPhone

The app got rid of the blue color and now all icons will be green on iPhone. (information)

WhatsApp has made a series of changes to its iPhone app. The modification aims to adapt the brand's design and colors in these devices, which traditionally had a predominance of blue tones.

A few weeks ago, the platform made changes to Android, as users saw how the app took a major turn in design. but, In the case of iOS, the modifications are minor and the idea is to adapt both versions to the same concept: the prominence of the green color.

The change to the app has been subtle. But users who already have them have started sharing the photos on Reddit and other social networks, Announcing the details of this update, which mainly consists of changing the blue design to green. One of the most notable changes is replacing the blue color with green in the key buttons, such as starting a new conversation or sending a message.

WhatsApp wants its Android and iOS versions to have the same design and style. (Reuters)

Although it's not just about these color adjustments It also includes adjustments to the arrangement of items and navigation within the application.

For those users who prefer blue, unfortunately there is no option to reverse this change or select a different shade. WhatsApp explained that this update will be applied to all iOS users without exception and gradually.

So, to access these changes, you'll have to keep the app updated, since the new version will arrive over the next few weeks and some users will get it first more than others.

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It is worth clarifying this These design changes will not affect the current functionality of the platform and will not add any at this time. The update focuses only on color adjustments, and not as happened in Android, where there was a complete transformation with a new organization of buttons, ringtones, and other icons.

WhatsApp wants its Android and iOS versions to have the same design and style. (AP)

Unlike what happens in Facebook Messenger, where Meta has a tool to customize chats. WhatsApp does not offer any functionality to modify the platform color, beyond the theme of darkness and light. But the app is already working on a solution.

According to WaBetaInfo, LThe platform is developing a function to change the color of the application. Users will be able to choose from a range of pre-defined coloursAmong them are green, blue, white, pink and purple.

These colors will not only change the visual appearance of the app, but will also be used to highlight key elements within the user interface. For example, The selected color will be used to indicate unread messages in the chat list as well as on buttons and switches within the app.

The application customizes colors, although an official announcement has not been made yet. (Wapita Info)

Until now, the app's customization capabilities have been limited, prompting many users to resort to workarounds. Such as modified versions of the application that may compromise data security.

One of the most interesting features of this feature is that the color change will be local, meaning it will only affect the appearance of the app on the user's device. This ensures that color changes do not affect the experience of other users with whom the user communicates.

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It is important to note that this color changing feature is not yet available to all users, it is currently under development and is only being tested on some devices, so its release date and final release are unknown.

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