Argument with Tine Stossel after a show in Paraguay

Although she amazed her fans, Tinny was heavily criticized for her attitude.

The singer was with Paraguay flag On his back. After a few minutes, he took it off and left it on the platform and raised another flag.

For many, that gesture was somewhat offensive.‘It’s disrespectful’And the The signal coincided in various media from the neighboring country.


Leo GarcĂ­a Is So Tricky With Tini Stoessel: “You’re There For Your Old Man And Your Music…”

Leo Garcia sparked controversy after Sudden and voluntary departure From reality famous hotel And now he’s back in the center of attention for his harsh criticism of him Tinny Stossel from Twitter.

“Vicheto, Villeros who want to be chetos, and chetos who want to be Villeros”, Wrote Leo Garcia From your account on the social network of birds.

He added: “They don’t want original people, they want people who repeat what others are doing, and so, as the 100 mono theory says, it is necessary for one to do something different from the rest, and repeat it, or else tell me how it is that we are drowning in buffering music, fat that never leaves something.”


That was the moment he shot Tinny Stossel for his music: “La Tini says ‘mijente,’ my dear, you’ve come out of a golden cradle, you’re there for your old man and your music is the malevolent asshole that the only thing to think of who will be the poisonous person in your chongo.”

“Argentine times are definitely boring, trap, reggaeton, de-culture and new vanity, cartoon heroes everywhere, and the consuming public who is consuming, but complaining about the threads, this will change in 5 years and is the most optimistic”, The singer ended controversially.

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