The women’s under-19 volleyball team begins its pan-American journey • University Weekly

The Costa Rica women’s under-19 volleyball team began their journey to the Pan American Cup with a three-set loss to the Dominican Republic.

TheCosta Rica elections folderThe women’s under-19 eibol started their participation in the Pan American Cup held in Tulsa, United States, with a three-set loss against the Dominican Republic with a partial 10-25, 6-25 and 11-25.

DrFrom start to finish, the Dominicans imposed their attack and repelled them and And service against a citizenfor that And theStreetThe Pre-World Championships is an opportunity to prepare for the Central American Games which, in the case of volleyball, will take place in Guatemala City.

Coach Karim Richards had already warned that they would have to approach it this way when sharing a group against the Dominicans and Puerto Rico, knowing that Canada, the United States and Mexico are in the other group as the World Cup competition approaches. “We knew it was going to be a tough start. It’s the first tournament for these girls. Our goal is to gain experience. Like I said before, you learn more from defeats than from victories. We will continue to represent our country with pride and try to do things better every day,” were his words after his debut.

For those directed by Richards’ Silvana Zavaleta, they stood out six points out of 27, although nearly half were due to errors by Quisqueyanas; While the Dominican Celani Puente was the most distinguished with 16 points.

The Nationals will play Puerto Rico on Tuesday at 12 noon, and against Brazil at noon the following afternoon

Team Saïd and Peru have completed the roster of runners-up for the Cup but are not eligible for one of the three World Cup quotas for this tournament, because for that they will have their own elimination process with the South American Volleyball Confederation.

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