The crisis in Bolivia is live: supporters of Luis Fernando Camacho block roads in Santa Cruz to refuse his arrest

A video clip posted on social media revealed the moment the security personnel were shown Governor Luis Fernando Camacho was flown in by helicopter to take him from Santa Cruz to a destination that has yet to be confirmed. The images indicate that the maneuver occurred at 2:28 pm Bolivia local time.

The team of Governor Luis Fernando Camacho, who was arrested on Wednesday, alerted through his social networks that the government of Luis Arce also wants to “hijack” The head of the civic commission for that district, Romulo Calvo, She asked residents to hold a vigil in their home “in defense of Santa Cruz”.

The governor’s press team reports that the government also wants to kidnap the head of the committee, Romulo Calvo. Santa Cruz people are invited to a vigilance at home”, referring to part of the message that was posted on the opposition governor’s social media.

Calvo was one of the leaders promoting the 36-day strike between October and November this year, demanding that a population and housing census be held in 2023 and not in 2024 as finally determined by the Ars government.

Neighbors started Road blocks and avenue In Santa Cruz de la Sierra disguised the arrest of Governor Luis Fernando Camacho.

In addition, long lines are being reported at service stations in Montero and Santa Cruz for fear of a Possible fuel shortage If approved stronger protest measures for the arrest ordered by the government of Louis Arce against the Leader of the Opposition.

The Civic Commission of Santa Cruz – a group of business, neighborhood and labor entities from Bolivia’s richest region – has called an emergency meeting.

Camacho supporters invade the runway at Viru Viru Airport

Hundreds of people, including many members of the National Assembly and the administration, arrived at Viru Viru International Airport in Santa Cruz and They entered the runway to avoid planes taking off.

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crowd people They got on the planes to verify that Camacho is not on any plane They even forced the passengers to disembark, assuring that they would not allow any flight to take off from that station.

The same thing happened in El Trompillo AirportWhere local TV channels reported that people violently entered the runway and forced the military to evacuate that air station, which is currently used for military, educational and special operations.

Conservative supporters pointed this out They will not allow any air operations in Santa Cruz As long as it is not known where he took Camacho they warned not to paralyze the city again.

Former Presidents of Bolivia Jorge Quiroga s Carlos Mesa They issued ainternational alert Social media reported the arrest of opposition leader Luis Fernando Camacho in Santa Cruz on Wednesday.

“International alert from #Bolivia: Police violently arrest governor #SantaCruzLuisFerCamachoV,” Quiroga warned, echoing a newspaper article about Camacho’s arrest.

“The violent and illegal kidnapping of Governor LF Camacho is outrageous. It violates constitutional principles and human rights. It demonstrates once again the government’s decision to continue Persecute opposition leaders under any legal cover. “He must be released immediately,” Mesa said on his Twitter account.

The moment Luis Fernando Camacho was arrested in Santa Cruz

The National Parliamentarians and Administrators from Camacho’s party, Cremos, arrived at Ferro Ferro International Airport and also at El Trompillo International Airport, both in Santa Cruz, along with various followers of the Governor to prevented his transfer to La Paz.

A video shared on social media shows that the car the Santa Cruz governor was traveling in was intercepted by at least two motorists and They fired tear gas at him to make him stop. Then he was heard getting out of the car coughing while some men shouted at him to get down on the ground, insults.

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Luis Fernando Camacho gained notoriety in 2019 by leading protests in Santa Cruz over allegations of alleged electoral fraud in favor of then-president Evo Morales in that year’s failed general election. This conflict led to Morales resigns for the presidencywhich for the current government in Arce and the ruling party was a “coup” against them.

Camacho was indicted for the alleged coup against Morales in a process in which former interim president Jeanine Nez was imprisoned. In addition to this process, there are also many complaints filed against him by the ruling party of 36-day strike Carried out in Santa Cruz between October and November of this year to demand immediate completion of the population census.

The Santa Cruz Governor’s Office denounced this Wednesday that Governor and opposition leader Luis Fernando Camacho, He was “kidnapped in a totally irregular police operation and taken to an unknown destination.”

“The kidnapping of the governor was carried out in the streets around his house when he was returning after carrying out administrative activities,” the government of the country’s largest region and economic engine said in a statement.

He also indicated that at the moment It is not known where Camacho is He blamed the government of President Louis Arce for the “physical safety and life” of the opponent.

Luis Camacho’s followers seek to prevent him from being taken to La Paz after his arrest / Alleged moment of Camacho’s arrest

Bolivian police Stop this Wednesday Luis Fernando CamachoGovernor of Santa Cruz, the largest region and economic engine of the country, as confirmed by the Minister of Government (Interior), Edward del Castillo. After the news spread, the opposition leader’s followers mobilized at the airport to prevent his transfer to La Paz.

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In the photos posted on social networks it can be seen The moment of tension that took place at the airport, as the demonstrators clashed with the security forces deployed in the place.

Luis Fernando Camacho arrested in Bolivia

In another video, you can also see the moment when Camacho’s driver is lying handcuffed on the ground, being held by Bolivian police officers.

Sources of infobae Clarify a point Camacho was transferred to Viru Viru Airport to be taken to La Paz with an arrest warrant, and in light of this fact, A mob of the governor’s supporters seized that air terminal in protest and with the intention of preventing all scheduled flights.

“We inform the Bolivian people that the Bolivian police have complied with the arrest warrant for Mr. Luis Fernando Camacho,” del Castillo wrote on his social networks, without specifying for the time being which of the many reasons against him he was arrested.

Martin CamachoThe governor’s lawyer denounced that the opposition leader – one of the fiercest critics of former President Evo Morales – Police officers have been “kidnapped” in the northern part of the capital, Santa Cruz.

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