The new free game from Epic Games is the perfect gift for Souls fans: download Mortal Shell now and prepare for tomorrow’s surprise – Mortal Shell

epic games Continue to cheer up the holidays with Gifts for all tasteswe will, After the cut steel is delivered for free For all players, now focus on fans Soulslike genre With lethal shell. Thus, he developed a dark medieval fantasy cold symmetry You can now claim on the parent platform for Fortnite.

As usual in this Christmas tradition, the gift is available for a limited time only. Therefore, players who want to test their skills in complex Mortal Shell battles should know that the title will be in hand until tomorrow, December 29thin a Fifth evening (Spain Peninsula Time). After that, the digital store will be updated with another free game that we will detail later.

If you are one of those who delve into any soul-like genre, but you still don’t know the ins and outs of Mortal Shell, let us tell you that it is a role-playing action packed with epic battles. After all, the title pits us against enemies and monsters They can end our life in a matter of secondswhich is why we define it as more than just a fun adventure in our neighborhood Mortal Shell review.

What’s the free Epic Games game tomorrow?

While it is true that Mortal Shell is a great gift for Epic Games users, we must remember that the platform promises us Big surprise for tomorrow. In this way, the image you have above these lines gives us enough clues to know that the Fortnite parents are preparing to distribute a receipt Disgraceful seriesso we have good reasons for that Watch the platform.

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