A teacher sold his car due to financial problems and his students bought it and gave it back

a Retired teacher, 87 years old, it was List your car for sale Volkswagen Beetle, which bought zero kilometers in 1972. It has sunk before Economic problems, The man posted an ad for the car, but his former students spotted it and made a touching gesture.

Marcelo Sequeira He taught history and geography subjects for 26 years at Doña Carola de Curitiba State School, in Brazil. Additionally, he was famous in his neighborhood because he kept the same car immaculate for 49 years.

like he said Claudio MartinsOne of his former students on the Brazilian channel RPC, Every time they saw her “beetle” They knew on the street that it was Professor Marcelo. In turn, the man stressed He sat with them and advised them. He considered that “it was necessary in this part of our lives as children to think about the future.”

1972 Volkswagen Beetle, owned by retired teacher Marcelo Sequeira.RPC

The teacher left his mark on all of them. So, after learning of Marcelo’s sad decision, the former students of Donna Carolla created a WhatsApp group and They started collecting money To be able to buy the car.

When they managed to collect the full amount, they organized a surprise that included television cameras and their son’s complicity.

Not only did they buy the car and bring it back, the group also had another surprise up their sleeve: They organized a campaign to be able to re-design the car Leave it fresh.

Marcelo spoke to the program midday He expressed the great emotions that this exemplary gesture caused to his former students.

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The surprise

You can watch the video published by the Brazilian media Marcelo wipes his tears From passion with a cloth handkerchief. Behind you hear a voice clap Of his former students, who gave him the surprise of a lifetime. “It moved me,” he admits.

“The enthusiasm of a retired teacher when his graduates bought the car and gave it back to him”

It was the end of an unforgettable afternoon, which began with Tv interview with son For the retired teacher under the pretext of selling this legendary car that has been in his possession for nearly five decades.

While they were waiting for Jupiter, they suggested Marcelo give it to him His last roll in the car How much he wants.

At that moment, a family friend sat behind the wheel and meters away, Pretend to stay. It was there when his former students seized the opportunity to come close and surprise him.

Delighted by former students at Doña Carola State School, after they stun Marcelo Siqueira.
Delighted by former students at Doña Carola State School, after they stun Marcelo Siqueira.RPC

They gave you your car key And cheered him up. Marcelo cried with affection. Later on, they tell him that they are going to get it fixed as new.

The color data for that day was that when the man wanted to go home, The car did not start And his graduates had to pay it.


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