He went to obtain a US visa, but was refused after being told details about his sister

Per Hernandez, a Mexican woman who wanted to take her children to the US to go to Disneyland and visit her sister, was outraged when she was denied a visa after going through the process twice. After taking it as inspiration The case of a young Colombian was also dismissedHe decided to tell his story:The same thing happened to me“, He said.

Through a video posted on his TikTok account HahahahahahahaBear said he has applied for the visa since 2020. But “because of the epidemic problem, it has been delayed”. However, after waiting, it was finally time for the appointment and he had to fly from Guanajuato to the consulate in Mexico City. over there She received a baffled announcement“And where they take your fingerprints and everything, it turns out they say to me, ‘Hey, no first-time visas yet. You have to process it again.'”

Furious, the former police officer slammed the service and shared her frustration with her followers: “I had to reschedule it. It was a useless expense.”to rule. In 2022 he decided to take it as a new opportunity, which is why he visited the consulate again to continue the biometric data process: “I had to take a double trip, double the spending, and for three, because I and my two children were.”

One tiktoker shared the entire process before moving on to US visa processingTikTok/@andybhg04

Despite all the obstacles he has faced in recent months, Hernandez prepared himself with the documents and once again packed a file Form DS-160, where he outlined the reasons for his travels. next to, She collected documents that showed she was on a disability pensionTherefore, he cannot work in Mexico or any other country: “I wouldn’t even require a visa to go to work,” he explained. To avoid doubt, share that His sister worked legally in the United States. All these factors were believed to be sufficient to obtain approval for the American document.

Bere Hernández complained about the US Consulate on TikTok

Bere Hernández complained about the US Consulate on TikTok

Confident, she arrived with the consul, handed over the three passports, and after a brief interrogation from the authority, They ended up turning him down: He didn’t see us. He didn’t ask us for anythingNo, your visa is refused. “Now you can’t go to the States,” Berry recalled during the recording.

Some TikTok followers have taken to the comment box to share their experiences and indicate that they have been rejected The visa because “nothing connects her to her country”And the Because he did not have a job due to his disability. The Mexican quickly replied: “Well, at least she could show me a few things, but she never asked me anything or asked anything about what I was doing in life.”

Another user shared that perhaps the consul saw the possibility Berry was “going to seek medical help” in the United States. The content creator also refuted this hypothesis. “He just asked me about my sister“, books.

Finally, there were those who told her that the authorities might have thought that her sister, who had a special kind of visa to work abroad, would receive her at home and that was reason enough not to let her: “It was clear that they would reject itAnd they wrote to him, “This is happening to you because you talked about your sister.”


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