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between Netflix premieres this monthThere are all kinds of productions of different genres that are perfect for enjoying a weekend with friends, partner or family. One standout is the deeply moving drama that premiered two years ago but arrived this week on the streaming platform.

It’s about Land, Drama film directed by Robin Wright, Where she made her debut as a director. Starring Wright, Demián Bichir, and Kim Dickens. This production premiered at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival on January 31 and was released in the United States in the same year.

The British film started gaining views in a short time On the streaming platform. It was added last November 1 May It lasts 1 hour and 29 minutes of pure emotion.

Earth Netflix

One diary

Summary of Tierra, the new thing from Netflix

The film revolves around the story of Edie Holzer, a woman who, due to circumstances of fate, suffers a series of unexpected events.

Edie loses the ability to connect with the world and the people around her. Tired of her life, she decides to retire to a forest in the Rocky Mountains with few supplies. He begins his life in isolation, where he must survive in the face of his inexperience.

Although the beauty of your new home is undeniable, Overwhelmed by the situation in the middle of nowhere, when it seems like everything is over, a man breaks into the cabin she lives in to save her life.

The arrival of this fisherman gives him hope, but his biggest challenge will come when he tries to learn how to live again.

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Floor trailer

IN A WILD PLACE 2018 movie, with subtitles, online

Land distribution

This amazing movie has the following actors as heroes:

  • Robin Wright
  • Demian Bashir
  • Kim Dickens
  • Brad Leland
  • Sarah Dunne pledged
  • Warren Christie
  • Finley Wojtak-Hissong
  • Ricky Lynn Ward

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