The movie TED will be turned into a TV series

creator A man who loves family lifeSeth MacFarlane will be working on a live TV series based on his films Ted s Ted 2 for peacock. MacFarlane will write and executive produce the TV series Ted It will once again give the voice of the main character, the mouthful teddy bear who comes to life thanks to the wishes of its owner, John. At the moment, details about what this new production will say and the actors who will star in it are unknown. as detailed Limit.

Ted (released in theaters in 2012) It was Seth MacFarlane’s directorial debut, and many fans of his animated series –Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland ShowThey wondered if MacFarlane’s odd blend of archetypal comedy and the world of cinema would result in a feature film.

Ted It was a huge hit, grossing nearly $600 million worldwide, and became the highest-grossing international film of 2012, something no one expected. This made it easier for the studio to give the green light for a sequel. However, Ted 2 didn’t do well: the sequel failed to gross over $100 million in the United States and only made $216.7 million worldwide. This drop in interest forced Universal to put an end to the franchise.

when Ted 2 That’s it, Ted married his Boston girlfriend, Tami Lynn McCafferty (Jessica Barth), and reached a new level of maturity in his relationship with his boyfriend Jon Bennett (Mark Wahlberg). It’s hard to imagine Wahlberg’s strong presence in this new Peacock series. The series will likely continue with Ted after the events of the sequel, in a new setting – either with Tami-Lynn or as an absolute bachelor bear living alone for the first time (i.e. without Jon.). It would be interesting for the series to completely recreate the franchise specifically for TV, with a new origin story and a cast of characters that would better suit the TV format.

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