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A North American country offers work to foreigners without having to speak English

Migration is a complex decision that requires thought and planning. Adapting to a new life with different cultures and customs is not an easy task, and undoubtedly one of the aspects that must be taken into account by those who decide to go abroad to live is the necessity of communicating in other languages, such as English.

What are the requirements?

Canada progress job opportunity For foreigners without the need to master the English language. The offer is specific to the position Heavy truck mechanicWith proven experience in the field of repair and maintenance of large machines.

The applicability will be valid Until Friday, September 1. The criteria necessary to aspire to the position are:

  • Certified technical training.
  • – More than five years of experience in heavy truck mechanics.
  • They have skills in inspecting and repairing mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic machines.
  • To be responsible.
  • Enjoy autonomy.
  • Ability to work together.

Immigration to Canada: What is Express Entry?

On January 1, 2015, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) implemented an immigration program management system known as Express Entry. This application process is designed for qualified professionals seeking permanent settlement in Canada. Includes the following categories:

  • Federal skilled workers
  • Canadian experience
  • Candidates with a Provincial Nomination Certificate (except Quebec)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program.
  • Applicants who have received a job offer that has been approved by Employment Canada through a Labor Impact Assessment (LMIA).
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Before submitting the application as If you are a self-employed professional through Express Entry, you need to prove that you have achieved the minimum score (67 points) required by the program. This result is obtained using the following criteria:

  • Language skills (French and English)
  • education level
  • work experience
  • age
  • Job offer in Canada
  • Adaptability

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