According to the study, having a bad boss can make you a worse employee

If your boss yells, criticizes, and even takes credit from his workers, It can profoundly impact employee well-being and performance. A new study for Stevens Institute of Technology And the University of Illinois Chicago He analyzed the extent to which bad leadership affects employee performance.

The study was published in Group management and organization, It provides an explanation of the cognitive factors that Abusive leadership degrades employee performance. Additionally, it answers why some employees are more vulnerable to the negative influence of abusive bosses.

When an employee is a victim of a bad boss, Less likely to take initiative and work to improve business practices, The author of the study stated, Hey, what?

To conduct the study, employees and supervisors at 42 South Korean companies, as well as hundreds of American students, were surveyed. In this phase, we sought to explore the ways in which abusive supervision influences employees’ “taking responsibility” behavior. Topics are categorized by If they are actively searching Positive aspects of promotion and advancement or adopting a more protective approach to prioritize job security and stability.

Moreover, the study revealed Those who prioritize career advancement are more affected by abuse from their superiors. At the same time, employees who prioritized their job security were more likely to take over after experiencing abusive supervision.

The study revealed that “workers who prioritize progress tend to decline and reduce responsibility-taking behavior after being exposed to abusive supervision.”

The likely explanation is this Ambitious employees may become aware of how their abusive boss controls whether they receive bonuses or promotion opportunities. For their part, bad bosses are usually perceived as having less direct control over dismissal decisions, because they generally need to Certification of human resources teams.

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The above is an important finding, because it suggests that organizations seeking to mitigate the impact of poor leadership should do so Focus on employee empowerment. If a boss engages in abusive behavior, investigate It’s not just about proposing an apologyAndbut also work for Ensure valuable employees.

Unexpectedly, the variation in employees’ responses to their abusive boss was consistent across the world South Korea and the United States. Shaw noted that both countries are very different culturally, however It doesn’t make any real difference in responding to an abusive leader.

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