Spider-Man on Xbox Series X | S? The user has made it possible and it’s easier than it looks

The Wireless Display app allows you to play this title wirelessly on a Microsoft console.

Surprisingly, technology and applications advance so much that sometimes things like the ones we’ll tell you about below happen sometimes. Apparently, the user managed to reproduce Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered On Xbox Series X | S wirelessly thanks to an app.

she was Twitter videotech_ username The one who shared how you can play with friend and neighbor Spider-Man on the competition console. To do this, you will have to Download an app calledWireless displayIn the Xbox Store It allows you to reproduce what is on your computer. Tom Warren explains it too In the video below.

In other words, the game is actually You play it on PC, but the app plays it through your Xbox wirelessly. Also, you can use a file Official Xbox Controller Series X | S to play Spider-Man. Of course, you must have the purchased game on PC to share the title and play it on your Xbox.

Although it looks very easy, it is a feature that will definitely make it Sony He soon realizes this possibility and He’ll try to put an end to it one way or the other. Whatever it is, Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered went out yesterday And if you are interested you can see How does Peter Parker act on PC.

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