To Munich with controversy

The European Athletics Championships They start tomorrow and will continue until the 21st in Munich on unusual dates due to their proximity in the calendar to the World Cup that was held in Eugene just a month ago. It is the competition that comes with a state participation record, with the participation of 93 athletes, but in it Officials from the Spanish Athletics Federation are not exempt from criticism. They arrived distinguished by the athletes.

The reason for this controversy is related to the call for this appointment by Pepe Peiró, the state coach, and the RFEA, who have received complaints from athletes. cause of circumstances Absence of seven athletes On the list of invitees to the Continental Rendezvous, Depending on the brand, they pass the cut Thus she had the right to participate in Munich. The coach argued that the goal of the Spanish team was “to maximize the number of medals, to have the most finalists and to have the highest percentage of athletes who pass a similar tour or rating”. Although Piero stressed that the standard “has not changed in recent months”.

Raul Chapado, president of the Russian Football Association (RFEA), said in an interview with Agencia Efe that he “understands the frustration”, despite commenting that “Passing the eligibility criteria did not automatically make you eligible, so the decision made by the coach is nothing new”. In addition, the president posed a question about the direction that athletics in Spain should take: “Do we want athletics more participatory or more competitive?”.

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For their part, the affected claimed their work and in some cases attacked the Spanish coach and Al-Ittihad, as was the case with Ori Boksa. The 400-meter relay runner shared WhatsApp screenshots in a tweet in which Peiró confirmed her participation in the European Championships: “Keep you on the list.” Didak Salas, one of those affected, called the selection of the athletes “arbitrary”. The columnist spoke of Peiró’s words, in which he said the goal was to maximize medals and finals, and classified this criterion as “personal,” knowing that “Athletics is a heterogeneous sport in which each discipline differs due to its peculiarities”. Salas says this, because in his case, the pole vault has only one previous stage before the final, unlike with speed tests, for example, which need two previous stages to compete in the final.

Peer defense

Some of the athletes who would be in Munich came to defend their teammates in this situation. Aser Martinez, one of Spain’s greatest strengths in the European Championships, was going strong on Twitter: “How easy it is to talk about the disasters that other unions have experienced, but the future is here in its infancy. Greetings to all those who were not selected! “. Diego Garcia Carrera, a 20-km runner, also gave his opinion with a tweet: “There can be no athletes who meet the criteria, have a designated place and are excluded from the selection.” Walker Alvaro Martin, for his part, demanded “respect for the same standards” from everyone: “You cannot say that a system such as height does not have a level and leaves the athlete possibilities to attend at home.”

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Basque delegation

Representation of eight athletes

  • Captive Martinez, “Brigade Bearer”. The European Championships in Munich, which starts tomorrow, will be represented by eight athletes from the Basque Country, including the clear contender for medals, Aser Martinez of Navarra, bronze in the 110-meter hurdles last month at the World Championships in Eugene (US). ). Zizour Mayor was the second best European in the Tokyo Games and the first in his continent in the World Cup a month ago.

  • The eight chosen. Elena Loyo (marathon); Carlos Topalina (shot put); Arantza Moreno, Mano Quigera (javelin throwing); Irati Metxelina (long jump); Maria Vicente (Septal); Asir Martinez (110m hurdles); and Maitane Melero (10,000 metres).


  • Mention. “Mondo” Duplantis (pole vaulting); Jacob Ingbrigtsen (1,500 and 5,000 m); Karsten Warholm (400m hurdles), Marcel Jacobs (100m dash); Kevin Mayer (decathlon); and Gianmarco Tampere (high jump).

  • feminine. Malaika Mihambo (long jump); Dina Asher Smith (dash 100, 200 and 4×100 metres); Sandra Berkowitz (discus throw); Fimc Ball (400m hurdles, 400m and 4x400m sprint); Kelly Hodgkinson (800 metres).

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