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The WhatsApp It is the most widely used instant messaging service in the world. The communication platform is always at the service of increasingly demanding users.

This is why the company continues to implement options in its system to improve and innovate the user experience. at this opportunity, Will Cathcartthe platform manager, explained that they will seek to add a series of tools to facilitate the use of conference calls.

This is what it is, The WhatsApp It will come with its new update, a new function to improve the quality and productivity of conference calls. “We look forward to adding new features to conference calls to make it easier to take place in large groups.”Share the developer on his official account Twitter.

They stated in the announcement that the communities would be similar to the groups, but on a larger scale. As the developers shared, access “Communities The WhatsApp It will be in the near future, although they have not yet set an official release date.

Communities seeking to replace the tab “condition” And they will focus on uniting the different groups that may exist among people, and uniting them all under the same thing “Roof”.

The WhatsApp: Step by step how to get two accounts on the same cell phone

How to have two accounts on the same cell phone

1. Go to Settings.

2. Go to advanced features.

3. Select Dual Messaging. If this option does not appear on your Samsung mobile phone, it may not be included.

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4. Once in, the functionality must be enabled for the required messaging apps: in this case, The WhatsApp.

5. Before that, accept the disclaimer.

6. Next, confirm that you want to install another copy of The WhatsAppwhich will be the account that can be used with another account.

7. Click Install.

8. There is already a file The WhatsApp On mobile, it is indicated by a logo in the lower right corner.

If your cell You are not allowed to perform these functionsin this case you must install external application Through the following steps:

1. Enter Play Store or App Store and download the app The WhatsApp Business.

2. Open the SIM card tray of the phone and put the SIM with a second number, whether from work, work or other.

3. Go to The WhatsApp business and configure it like any application that receives its first income.

4. Once activated, open the SIM tray of the cell phone and remove the secondary SIM.

5. As a last step, reinsert the main SIM back into the phone.

What other jobs will come The WhatsApp

  • Surveys.
  • Partner job.
  • Update to states.
  • Update for feedback.
  • The WhatsApp excellent.

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