Senators are asking Biden to combine sanctions with Canada and the European Union to put pressure on the Nicaraguan government

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A group of US senators has proposed a bill that seeks to pressure Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega to make the general elections in November “free”, respect the press and guarantee human rights.

The legislative bill also requests US President Joe Biden to develop a strategy that includes sanctions aimed at ensuring “free”, “fair” and “transparent” elections in Nicaragua.

In this regard, they asked Biden to coordinate his sanctions with Canada and the European Union so that they would have a greater impact on Ortega.

Likewise, the legislation proposes to include Nicaragua on the “blacklist” established by Congress for corrupt countries and entails a series of economic sanctions.

Senators also asked Biden to provide them with classified information about corruption activities in which Ortega and his family may be involved and about potential human rights violations, as well as alleged media harassment.

They also requested classified information about Russia’s “activities” in the Central American country.

The senators who promoted the initiative belong to both the Democratic and Republican parties, as both political forces share a similar opinion of what Washington’s policy toward the Ortega government should be.

The Senate group includes Democrats Tim Kane, Dick Durbin, Ben Cardin, Chris Murphy and Bob Menendez, the last chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, as well as Republican Marco Rubio, who helped define US policy. Donald Trump Government (2017-2021).

To become law, this initiative would need to pass both the Senate and the House of Representatives, which are both houses controlled by Democrats.

Nicaragua has been experiencing a social and political crisis since April 18, 2018, as a result of demonstrations against social security reforms implemented at that time by presidential decree.

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In 2018, the United States implemented the Nica Act and the Magniskit Act, with officials close to the President of Nicaragua receiving direct and personal penalties.

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