South America is on high alert for the damage caused by the Amazonian – Telam breed

The damage from the Brazilian coronavirus mutation is spreading across South America, with 100 infected people awaiting an intensive care bed in Paraguay, cases on the rise in Chile, Uruguay and Peru, and lockdowns or about to start trying to contain the virus.


In Brazil itself, the virulence of the breed was discovered in Manaus Feel strong: 64% of those injured are in Sao PauloThe largest city in the country and region has been affected by this variable, according to a report from the municipality and the local university.

City Health Minister Edson Aparecido, She said Altogether 78 percent of the population has the Amazon and UK variant.

He pointed out that “35% of those who go to the intensive care unit with these variants die and progress in people between the ages of 20 and 54 years and cause a risk from the sixth day of contact with the virus.” Wonderful holiday city closed until April 5, after Easter.

São Paulo began the holiday Friday, but the monolithic state, where 46 million people live, extended its emergency phase until April 11 due to the collapse in hospitals.

All commercial activities are prohibited, except for service stations and supermarkets, and only companies and restaurants are allowed to provide their services via delivery.

According to Data from the Council of the Minister of Health for the states, nail 6,800 people queue up for intensive care beds across Brazil, 1500 of them are in the state of São PauloReported by Globo TV.

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The health breakdown is evident and increases with Infection numbers already exceeded 100,000 a day, In the context of an epidemic That has already claimed more than 300,000 lives in the country.


This strain detected in the Amazon is also the main cause of re-emergence of cases in Paraguay, where No less than 92 people are waiting for a spot at intensive care Before occupying 100% of the beds in hospitals, Authorities stated.

Director of Networks and Services at the Ministry of Health Letizia BentosHe announced that more intensive care beds would be activated in the coming days, but he warned of another problem, which is that health workers are “almost exhausted” due to the epidemic.

Government of Paraguay Strict quarantine will be imposed from this Saturday until Sunday April 4, The period when people will only be able to leave their homes to buy food, medicine and cleaning supplies.

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Another country neighboring Brazil that couldn’t contain the entry of the breed is Peru, which it really is More than a million and a half cases, s It has reached 50,831 deaths since the outbreak began 12 months agoI informed the Ministry of Health.

Health authorities confirmed this The Brazilian variant of the coronavirus is the cause of 40% of recorded cases Recent months in Lima, Almost half of all recorded injuries are concentrated at the national level.

On Wednesday, Peru recorded a record number of daily infections, with 11,260 cases recorded, the highest number in the entire epidemic.


Today it is Chile’s turn He hit the historic ceiling with 7,626 new positiveThis is a number that far surpassed the previous record of 7,084 cases last Saturday, March 20.

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Active cases, that is, those that can still infect others, also recorded the highest number ever recorded 41,151 people are able to transmit the virus.


To avoid a similar image, becauseThe Bolivian Amazon provinces of Pando and Beni, On the border with Brazil, it declared a state of emergency and a red alert today and ordered the implementation of new measures in the face of the sharp increase in injuries attributed to the Brazilian alternative.

Pando Governor Paula Terrazas stated that they are “at great risk” and that the department has declared itself “on high alert, as it does not want the number of infections to continue to increase” and announced a partial closure, for some. Hours of the day, for the border with Brazil and other measures, the local newspaper Al-Dabr published.

The municipalities of Guayaramern and Riberalta, in the county of Beni Neighboring Brazil, for its part, announced greater border controls, local newspaper La Razen reported.

Ministry of Health He said he has yet to confirm the existence of the Brazilian subspecies in Bolivia, however It was announced that medicines, hospital supplies and medical supplies would be shipped to these areas, To strengthen the response to the epidemic.

Also Thousands of Sinopharm and AstraZeneca vaccines were sent to reinforce the general vaccination campaign in those areas Sputnik news agency quoted Health Minister Jason Oza as saying that it is scheduled to start next week.


The presence of the Manaus strain is already known in Uruguay, which is experiencing the worst moments of the epidemic, with record numbers of infections and deaths recorded.

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Given this situation, This week, authorities decided to suspend face-to-face classes until Easter, close state offices and cancel public shows. Until April 12, among other measures aimed at curbing infection.

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