Why is Jeff Bezos banned from using PowerPoint on Amazon?

Jeff Bezos, The creator AmazonHe wants to break down the Agility and Tuning Model thus Prevent his employees from using PowerPoint To make offers.

Jeff Bezos y PowerPoint

Qutub Al Mal commented that he preferred internal communications for his company’s first team They express themselves through texts, Instead of the traditional format used in corporate environments, which requires code and allows word memorization. Giving an explanation Bezos explained that the request was due to the fact that it was necessary to write well.

The announcement was made through an email to his employees in 2004, in which he wrote: ‚ÄúThere are no PowerPoint presentations yet at STeam. [Senior Team]”.

With this message, The Amazon creator has given direction that there will be no more graphic presentations at team meetings, But text readings of up to 30 minutes. But, as he himself made clear, there was no need for “any text”.

Why does Bezos prefer text over cartoons?

In the same letter he sent to his employees, Jeff Bezos explained that what he’s looking for “is well-organized and narrative text, not just text. If someone creates a bullet point list in Word, that would be as bad as PowerPoint”.

Likewise, the second most millionaire in the world explained why he asked:The reason is that writing a four-page memo is more difficult than “writing” a 20-page PowerPoint This is because the narrative structure of a good note forces us to think better and understand better what is more important than the other and how things are related.

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In this context, the businessman considered that the presentations prof PowerPoint allows, in a way, to “superficially process ideas”, “Flattening any sense of materiality” and “ignoring the internal interconnectedness of ideas.”

A few years later, already in 2017, Jeff Bezos sent a letter to the Securities Commission (SEC) in the United States, outlining what “good writing” is and explaining how you can distinguish between a good note and a modest note.

He noted that “it will be very difficult to write the detailed requirements that constitute a large note.” “However, it seems to me that most readers react to the Great Diary in the same way. They recognize it when they see it. The standard is there, and it is real, although it is not easy to describe it.”

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