Science Proven: Memes Are Good for Your Mental Health and Happiness – Good morning, Javi and Mar!

“I’ll tell you something interesting. I was reading a study commenting that in moments of sadness, apathy, or even uncertainty, a very good response is humor.”. Mar Amat uttered these words in “Good morning, Jaffe and Mar!” To check something we imagined, but now proven in a convenient way. “So they investigated whether memes, memes that we see every day on our social networks, make us a little happier or make us a little happier. They decided that they do, and in fact, once a day we should review or share those memes with friends.” Which makes us so funny The other day I was talking to a friend and he said: “Do you remember what was the funniest meme in history?”. And I didn’t fall until I said that is it, let’s see if you remember it.”

At that moment when we were listening to one of the great moments in the history of television in Spain, of course, We also wanted to come to the rescue on our website So that you start Monday off with a big chunk of laughter or at least the kind of smile that makes starting the week a little less daunting.

That wonderful phrase many of us already use when we’re not interested in something: ‘But, but who are you?’repeat Mar in this audio that you can actually listen to by clicking play on the image that appears above this news item and that you can also listen to in this context, for the sake of ignorance: “It was “Patricia’s Diary,” to put it in context. A guy would show up announcing himself to a girl and the girl would say, I don’t know who you are.” Javi Nieves noted: “Well, a fan already said, that’s obvious.” And she was responsible for closing it like this: “Yeah, yeah, a fan you like and didn’t know anything about”.

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