Polar Wave: Videos of historic snowfall in southern Brazil | At least 13 cities have woken up painted white

Historic snowfall surprised Brazilians in at least 13 cities in Rio Grande do Sul this morning, who saw how a thin layer of snow covered the entire surface. This phenomenon arose after a polar air mass entered the region. Soon the networks were filled with photos and video.

“The cold air mass has the potential to be one of the densest masses of this century To reach the national territory, in a climatic scenario conducive to extreme cold phenomena,” they warned the Brazilian MetSul website, which specializes in meteorological information in the region.

The temperature in the state of Santa Catalina reached -7.8 degrees. At least 33 municipalities in this state have experienced snow or icy water, or even both.

Surprised by the strangeness of the meteorological phenomenon, the Brazilians took to the streets to celebrate under the ice, which is depicted in photos and videos.

“In more than 30 years of forecasting the weather in Rio Grande do Sul, We’ve never seen horizontal snow with such strong winds and a significant drop in visibility. They confirmed from MetSul that this is what North Americans call a snowstorm.

“It will be between Wednesday and Thursday dawn when the phenomenon is much broader and can be recorded in a large number of municipalities in southern Brazil, in Rio, Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. MetSul is considered The probability that this will be the snow event with the largest geographic coverage since 2013, It snows even in places where it hasn’t snowed in eight years, and even snow can accumulate,” the weather information website reported in a bulletin.

From MetSul they also point out that this snowfall is different from what usually happens, when it only snows in the highest places in southern Brazil. “This time you can Snow in places even at low and medium altitudes. This has happened many times in modern history over the past 20 or 30 years. The possibility of snowfall from southern Rio Grande do Sul to Paraná, for example, was observed in 1984 and 2000”, indicates the forecast.

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The frost in Brazil responds to the polar air mass that entered through southern Brazil and caused a sudden drop in temperature, with signs of up to -6 degrees. This polar cold wave can be compared to the cold waves of July 2000 and 2007.

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