Pandora’s Papers: Jaime Duran Barba, Offshore Companies and Contracts with the State | Business in tax havens for Mauricio Macri’s favorite advisor

Mega international nomination for pandora leaves It identified two offshore companies in which the name of Mauricio Macri’s former star advisor appears, Jaime Duran Barba. The journalists also revealed that work with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) was about to happen Two offshore companies: one set up to acquire a $15 million copper mine in the United States and the other to raise funds for Switzerland. consultation Page 12Doran Barba said these are companies that “have not been around for more than 20 years” – although documents have emerged from 2017 – and noted that he had no contracts with national or local governments. However, this newspaper reported this year Two decades of surveys With partners of Duran Barba in government Horacio Rodriguez Laretta for up to 166 million pesos.

The massive filtering of documents from law firms and notaries known as the Pandora Papers showed the money movements of the person who was Macri’s star advisor during his eight years as head of government of Buenos Aires and four years as head of the nation. Specifically, articles published by journalists who participated in the Argentine and Ecuadorean investigative chapters revealed a series of documents indicating that Two companies abroad where the name of the advisor appears.

They are from outside companies In the British Virgin Islands Where, in addition to Doran Barba, he was Santiago Nieto Montoya, who accompanied him throughout his career in political consulting and co-authored several books with him. According to the published documents, these are abroad They were created in one case to acquire a mine in the United States, and in the other, for “investments in Switzerland”.

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Both were registered by the law firms Alemán, Cordero, Galindo & Lee (Alcogal). One of them has been called Woodlen Ltd It was registered with Invest in Switzerland. In the Funds Origin section, they wrote: “Marketing and Research.” That company first had bearer shares with vested rights, which allowed the owners to remain anonymous, but due to a change in legislation in the tax identifier, they had to provide their names. thus Doran Barba appeared in a 2017 document (The company has been around since 2000). In the document, Doran Barba is not considered part of the “Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)”. Quito, Ecuador is mentioned as the company’s headquarters, and a bank located in Zurich, Switzerland is mentioned as an intermediary. Fact: The sea was created after the fall of Ecuadorean President Jamil Moawad (which left the country in a banking and financial crisis). Doran Barba was General Secretary of the General Department of Mohad (a type of Chief of Staff). After that, he never wanted public office again.

The other one was summoned outside Harmony Mining The intersection of documents leaked in the Pandora papers with those of the US Security Exchange Commission (SEC) showed that this same company attempted a takeover in 2011. A copper mine near Las Vegas, worth 15 million dollars. But the deal with Sierra Resource Group Inc. (Nevada Corporation) failed and the purchase fell through. The third partner in the mining venture was Robert Irazo Andrade, the adopted son of the chancellor. In the newspapers, since 2010, Doran Barba has appeared as president, Nieto as vice president, and Irazo Andrade as secretary.

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When asked about revealing Pandora’s Leaves, Duran Barba told Página/12: “They refer to two companies that were formed over 20 years ago and do not exist. I have never entered into any contract with a national or local government in any country, or with any government company. I do not have any shares in any company of any kind in any country. “I dedicate myself only to writing and giving courses and lectures. This week I will hand over my new book to Sudamericana.”

The amazing thing is that they never finished revealing how they paid Durán Barba, until 2018, when they became official. Contract for 80 thousand pesos per month. Nor did they clarify whether he had contracts for his own account or on behalf of third parties with governments that current Macri or Laretta was a part of. However, Duran Barba managed to buy and put up an apartment in a wealthy area of ​​Buenos Aires – according to journalist Federico Mayol in Infobae– to label Traboulsi Management Company, another offshore company in the British Virgin Islands (Which he registered with AFIP in 2015).

in his book Barba’s rotation. magician of happiness, journalist Andres Fidanza warns that Barba’s turnover has been hovering The 10 thousand dollars a day. He warned that to find out how much money he made, you need to look at two companies of his relatives: Green Consult SRL y Boroca. “In December 2016, Green Consult SR won a bid of 3 million pesos to relieve the management of Buenos Aires (…) National and Provincial Governments and Buenos Aires requested the services of Boroca and Green Consult SRL by the national and provincial governments and Buenos Aires: Government of Macri, VIdal and Larreta (…) He paid 7 million pesos to the Buenos Aires administration. (…) Boroca Larita cost 34 million for phone surveys. Another winner was Green Consult: 36 million for similar business and a series of focus groups “, this book reads .

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This newspaper recorded the continuation of these services in the same year, when the government of Buenos Aires distributed 838 million pesos in a bid to conduct surveys. over there reappear Green Consult SRL with 89 million and Inversora Boroca SA with another 77 million. The directors of these consulting firms are close to Doran Barba: Guillermo Garat and Rodrigo Lugons. Both of the counsel were investigated for violations of the penal code during the campaign in which false information about Daniel Filmus’ father was disseminated through phone calls.

Green Consult was formerly Informe Confidencial, Duran Barba polling expert. He changed his name after being tried with his accomplices in 2012. In Inversora Boroca also appears Garat and “Gandhi” José Espinosa Tinajero, a confidant of Durán Barba. in this way, The Ecuadorean chancellor will collect his advice from Larita through two windows, for a total that may exceed 166 million.

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