Peruvian agricultural exports increased by 11.6% in the first quarter

In the first half of the year (January-June), agricultural exports totaled $4,112 million, recording fruit shipments growing by 11.6% over the same period last year, reports the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Irrigation (Midagre) of Peru.

In the aforementioned period, non-traditional agricultural exports totaled $3,906 million, an increase of 6.1% over those recorded in 2022.

The main products in the agricultural export ranking were fresh grapes (US$667 million and 17% share), avocados (US$618 million and 16% share) and fresh mangoes (US$207 million and 5.3% share). ), fresh cranberries (US$185 million and 4.7% share), animal feed (US$135 million and 3.5% share), fresh or chilled asparagus with US$117 million in exports and 3% share.

Also noteworthy is the increase in the position of frozen mangoes (95 million USD and a share of 2.4%), other fresh fruits (88 million USD and a share of 2.2%); Other cocoa beans (US$74 million and 1.9% share), and other sweet peppers (US$70 million and 1.8% share). Together, these 10 products will account for 57, +7% of the non-traditional exportable supply.

In this first semester, Midagree highlighted that fruit and vegetable exports within the basket of non-traditional products had sales of 2,351 million US dollars (60% of non-traditional agricultural exports), a figure that means an increase of 9, 6% compared to the same period From 2022.

destination markets

On the other hand, the ministerial entity reported that the top 10 destination countries for Peruvian agricultural exports are the United States, the Netherlands, Spain, Ecuador, Chile, China, Mexico, England, Colombia and Canada. This group accounted for 77.6% of the total value of exports in the study period.

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Likewise, Midagri reports that as of June this year, regional agricultural exports have grown in 10 out of 24 regions, highlighting the expansion registered on the coast (3.2%), precisely due to the increase in Ancash (11%) with fresh avocados and mangoes And fresh cranberries. Arequipa (14%) with other fresh fruits, other seaweed, fresh grapes; La Libertad (9.3%) with avocado, animal feed and fresh cranberries; and Ica (6.1%) with fresh grapes, avocados, and others.

In the mountains, an increase in sales of Apurímac (31%) was recorded, highlighting products such as avocados, kiwicha rest and processed potatoes; So are shipments from Huancavelica (286%), highlighting products such as avocados and other beans, mushrooms and dried truffles.

In the Jungle region, there was an increase in agricultural exports from San Martin (6.4%), highlighting products such as cocoa beans, palm oil and its fractions, and unroasted decaffeinated coffee.

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