The system protects its business in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The system has secured 48 health and construction workers in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines after the eruption of La Soufriere volcano. The government and the official press elevated this simple logistics business to an extraordinary and heroic business.

The embassies of European countries, the United States and Canada have reached out to their citizens to anticipate the eventual evacuations. These kinds of actions that countries do with their migrants make the most sense in situations of natural disaster or armed conflict.

In the case of Cuba, concerns about their emigration are almost non-existent, as they limit themselves only to imposing consular fees or to selectively prohibiting the return of Cuban citizens to their country. In the case of Cuban doctors, the concern is not human, it is only a commercial matter.

The official Copadipat newspaper used the slogan “The revolution does not abandon its children” to glorify the state’s commitment to protecting the lives of its officials. The media has not made it clear to their readers that the doctors and builders make $ 2,500,000 a year in the pocket of Cuban leaders. Far fewer expose the cases of Cuban doctors who have been exiled for unilaterally breaching their employment contracts with the island’s government.

Health workers and other workers in this small eastern Caribbean country bring in a monthly income of between $ 4,000 and $ 7,000 (according to the current exchange rate). A permanent tax is applied to “collaborators” of 80% of their salaries in exchange for their studies and the aid that the state receives during their lifetime.

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The attitude and treatment of the regime towards Cuban citizens who perform work tasks in favor of the ruling leadership and those who disagree with the political positions of the ruling party are divergent.

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