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A supernatural adventure combining the best of Sandman and Supernatural

Uncanny It is one of the longest supernatural series in history, an adventure that spanned 15 seasons and 327 episodes and introduced us to the brothers. Sam And Dean Winchester Travel across the United States while hunting all kinds of supernatural beings and creatures. In 2023 we receive Lockwood Agency in NetflixBut it has been unfairly undervalued due to the platform's lack of success flow It was canceled after one season.

A year later, he got there Netflix A series that will give a lot to talk about. Dead investigatorswhich is in turn spin off to Sandman. Dead investigators Share with Uncanny And Lockwood Agency Certain elements, though, adapt to the universe he created Neil Gaiman. And what's better: It has its own personality and entity, apart from Sandman And its extreme seriousness.

It's been four months since 2024 started, and it might as well be Dead investigators be better than Netflix next to My stuffed reindeer.

Better than Dead Detectives

  • A series that has its own personality despite being… spin off From Sandman. ✅
  • It's fresh, fun and playful. ✅
  • With a clear goal from the first episode. ✅
  • Technically, it's a AAA series on Netflix. ✅
  • Hero dynamics. ✅

The great danger of A spin off It always depends on the original project you're starting from. Dead investigators can exist without it Sandman Being a fairly standalone series, both in terms of narrative and tone. As I will explain later, lovers of the universe Neil Gaiman Maybe they're missing more connections and a more transcendent argument, but what the creator has done here is who acts again com. showrunnerIt is to give form to an alternative universe that exists by itself. Best of all, it works because It's clear from the first chapter what The Dead Detectives wants to be. If it is difficult to enter Sandman And in the madness of the argument proposed by the arrival Dead investigators It is very simple. A very easy-to-follow series with attractive protagonists, played by actors who make the most of the right and well-thought-out script.

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The dynamic of the heroes is one aspect that convinced me the most Dead investigators. In a series of similar pieces, e.g UncannyWhat is interesting is precisely the relationship that arises between the heroes and it is implemented here very well.

Finally, I couldn't ignore one of the sections that surprised me the most. Sandman It was a marvel visually and Dead brothers And it doesn't come close to this perfection. However, it wasn't as much as I expected, with some scenes that left me speechless and that position the series as one of the great exponents of the genre.

Dead Detectives on Netflix

The worst of dead detectives

  • The relationship with Sandman is there, but it's not transcendent. ⛔

If it's the worst thing I can say about it Dead investigators It is that his relationship with Sandman It seems to me insufficient, but it may be positive. I said before that the series It has its own personality and entityso you can live perfectly without caring about it Sandman. However, at least in the chapters I've seen, there are more transcendental connections missing. After all that, Dead investigators Sometimes it seems just a product to entertain fans until the second season arrives Sandman.

Dead Detectives on NetflixDead Detectives on Netflix

If you're looking for a supernatural series, The Dead Detectives is the perfect alternative to Supernatural and the Lockwood Agency

Light, fresh, fun and above all with its own sound, Dead investigators It's a series that can shake up a catalog Netflix If the audience allows itself to be surprised. Smart platform decision flow Not to promote it as spin off to Sandman Although it definitely is. After all that, Sandman didn't work and was remade because of how annoying it was to us fansAnd Dead investigators It can always exist without the need to Sandman Hold on the screen.

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