Nonstop Lorca Agustin Martinez: Filming of La Caza. Guadiana’ and ‘Feria’ entered the Netflix Top 10 list in the US

Murcia. Last October, after winning Planet Award for the monsterwas discovered that behind the nickname Carmen Mola It was Agustin Martinez of Lorca, along with screenwriters Jorge Diaz and Antonio Mercero. Even before he received the best prize in Spanish letters – though they had to divide it by three – we had heard of a Murcia man, like King Midas, that everything he touched, or rather wrote of the imagination, turned to gold. This was explained with the series the hunt TVE, based on his novel Monteperdido who wrote a script with his colleagues from planet earth (In fact, Carmen Mola was born during that process).

Now, after the second part of this mystery, suspense and excitement (the hunt. Tramontana), a third part with the name has already been filmed the hunt. Guadiana And what is considered? New signature with Morcian Peppa Anyorte. Specifically, this previous obligation prevented the actress from participating in filming in an area commandmentsThe initial dates had to be changed due to the pandemic.

But the achievements of Agustín Martínez do not stop there, he is also the creator with Carlos Monteiro (elite) of the biggest bets in Netflix For the Spanish novel, the series Adel: The darkest lightalso starring Murcian Martha’s grandson. The story, set in the 90s in which different genres (sci-fi, fantastic, drama and thriller) were mixed, was not only widely accepted among the Spanish users of the platform, but also Among the top ten most-watched series on Netflix in the US.

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And the story is undeniably the most interesting: two sisters, Eva (Anna Tomino) and Sophia (Carla Cambra), see how their lives fall apart when they find 23 bodies in an old mine. It appears that her parents, Elena (Marta Nieto) and Pablo (Ernest Villegas), are involved in the cult behind the horrific crime. While the authorities search for their parents, the young women must contend with the hatred of the Feria residents, many of whom are not as innocent as they seem.

Sergeant Campos Investigates the villages of Huelva

Recordings of the third season of the hunt It started, according to TVE, in Huelva County. Sanlúcar de Guadiana, Ayamonte, Isla Cristina, Lepe or El Granado are some of the locations where Public Channel’s new fantasy is filmed in collaboration with DLO Producciones, with the participation of a local filming team of up to 400 people. In the new installment, the plot will again take place in a fictional city, Frontera de Guadiana, where the river itself will be one of the characters.

Sergeant Campos, Corporal Gameiro, and Sergeant Silva (Megan Montaner, Alan Hernandez and Felix Gomez) will once again face a new case to solve together. In addition, this season will once again introduce Beatriz Carvajal, along with new additions such as Pepe Viyuela or Pepa Aniorte. On this occasion, Rafa Montesinos, Mar Olid and Javier Pulido will direct the series with Juan Molina as director of photography.

the hunt. Monteperdido It was awarded at FesTVal 2019 for being one of the successes of the cycle and also earned four Iris Awards nominations for the Television Academy. The first installment was the most-watched fiction of the cycle, with an average of 2,162,000 viewers (14%). for this part, the hunt. Tramontana It has been a pioneer in social networks, amassing thousands of comments and managing to be a popular topic on every broadcast night.

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Agustín Martínez (Lorca, 1975)’s career as a screenwriter has been developing for nearly two decades, having been involved in series such as Without breasts there is no paradise, crematorium, 38 acacias, brothers and investigators or Victor Rose. He made his debut as a novelist in 2015 with Monteperdido, which has received very good reviews and has sold its rights to more than ten countries (including France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom). What was the second novel? hashishAnd the It has also been translated into different languages.

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