“Who is the mask?” Ready for its third season

Recently nominated for the 2021 Emmy Awards, Who’s the Mask continues to be shown. On his way, he explores new characters as the third season arrives.

The show will compete in the Entertainment category, sharing a shortlist with productions from Belgium, South Korea and the UK: “We never imagined this feat, and now I realize it all has to do with the clothing, the book, and the entire team… that makes up the show;” the researchers, contestants, and everyone behind it. ”, its producer Miguel Angel Fox voiced at a press conference.

“The standard is too high, to surpass the second season, which received this nomination, but our expectations go further; we have all the ingredients and the talent needed,” he added.

An opinion shared by influencer and YouTuber Juanba Zurita: “The things we do in Mexico can be highly created, we can raise the level of entertainment in every way, it’s just a matter of focusing and doing things right.”

The third broadcast will be responsible for the personalities of Carlos Rivera, Yuri, Juanpa Zurita and Monica Huarte, who indicated that entertainment is one of the rules that should go far in all areas, speaking on television, creating high-quality and focused content to bring something different to the screen.

Who is the mask? 3, on Las Estrellas on Sunday, October 10, “It’s content that manages to get the family together and make them play, reminds me of when I was a kid and I tried to guess a situation,” Rivera said.

“Now we’re in another stigma,” Fox said, “people think that in England and the US and more, the best products are made and the highest money is made, but we’ve really shown that we’re also doing high-quality things.”

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“If we were to win, it would undoubtedly be crazy for everyone, trying to make a different version of what was done,” he added. In addition, he shared that the characters are inspired by his own collection of games.

In this edition of the International Emmy Awards, 44 productions from 24 countries in America, Europe, Oceania, Africa and Asia compete. The winners will be announced on November 22, at an in-person ceremony in New York.

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