Android 13 will change the app drawer, for the better?

Google just released a new developer version of Android 13. This operating system is currently being developed and every few weeks it leaves us with news that will officially arrive in the third quarter of 2022. Today we can know that Google has finally changed android app drawer. This section of the interface has not received one of the most necessary and desired changes by the entire community for years. Today we can announce that there is a new way Find apps on android!

Android 13 changes the app search bar

since Android Included Search bar in the app drawer This was at the top. This was true several years ago, when mobile phones They had 4 or 5 inch screens. Getting to the top with your finger was easy.

With increasing diameters almost all interfaces Android They moved to the bottom search bar. Getting to the top while holding the phone in one hand is becoming more and more complicated. Of course, Google has continued to maintain this search bar on top.

Android 13 It seems that the operating system to change. In DP2 for Android 13 the change has already been seen: The app drawer search bar will move to the bottom. Now he will be accessible to everyone and will keep his job.

A change that will take time to arrive and you won’t see it

Android 13 is currently in development And I had a few months left to see it officially. A stable version will be released Sometime in the third quarter of 2022 For Pixel and Q4 for devices from other major brands.

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But the question is not much time, but implementation in customization layers. most layers They have already made the change And you have a search bar at the bottom. Could be the best example Xiaomi MIUI.

The change from android 13 It may only affect the Google Pixel And some other devices. That Google implemented the change is very good news, but it’s very likely that you’ve already been with it for a long time.

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