Since his salary was low, he decided to live in a small cubicle in his office: The company’s unusual response

Shibuzur EjimoforWho is the Became known as Calm Simon in the networks, is the hero of a viral story that has given a lot to talk about in recent days. His experience became known via TikTok Over the course of several weeks, millions of people around the world followed what he shared to see the outcome of his bizarre protest. What started with a simple video has become an entire story that seems unreal.

The clip initially shows something unusual. The man is in his office, standing in what would be his closet to work during business hours. The rest of the building is completely empty and he is not dressed appropriately for work. He wears pink shorts and no shirt.

As the clip progressed, Ejimofor was seen arranging his belongings all over the place. The computer is connected correctly, his clothes are folded and distributed on the desk, several bags with more shirts, pants and some other personal items in drawers and other places.

The trip took several weeks and On his TikTok account, he documented each of these moments. Show how he arranged the place with his things, where he sleeps, how he arranged office furniture for each day.

“When I found out that my company had an empty office downtown, it was the perfect solution. It was close to all the places I visit and it didn’t cost me anythingSimon explained. in the data for New York Post.

The man settled down to live in the office

“That’s me taking all my belongings out of several bags. I move from my apartment to my company cabin. They don’t pay me enough to rent, so I moved to my job in protest. We’ll see how long I can live like this,” he expanded on another clip of him on the networks.

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barely Four days he managed to live there Since we’ve seen this fact go viral, our HR team has started to your company He was asked to remove his belongings and delete the videos or else he would be expelled.

The man lives in the office

Finally the man He decided to resign and actually leave the position. According to what I saved the gate portableAnd the Ijimofor didn’t want to get anything from his employer but made his protest visible and drew attention to what How much does it cost to pay for an apartment in Seattle his previous salary. Now, looking to the future, he warns that it may be “a good time to build my own brand” and confirms that he will remain – for a moment – at Airbnb.

The man settled in his office and then was kicked out

As for the company in question, Arcadis, press team New York Post Comment request And he replied very succinctly but powerfully: “Given privacy concerns about personal information, The company is not free to disclose any related matter with current or former employees without the employee’s express permission.”

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