Venom 3: Sony is already preparing a new symbiote movie

Sony Pictures She continues to develop her cinematic world around Spider-Man. Wall crawler, complete foundation inside the straps produced by marvel, have in Spider-Man: There is no room for home Their next big date is on screens around the world (December 16) but they won’t be staying there in the studio. Sony already has another trilogy of films prepared with Tom Holland and Marvel Studios, and then Poison: Haber MatanzaAlready planning films focusing on Miles Morales and its sequels poison Of any Amy Pascal Provide more details today (Watch out for Poison spoilers: Habr Matanza from here).

3 . poison In development and Aimee Pascal confirms its existence

Sony producer Amy Pascal gave an update on 3 . poison, the third installment about symbiote. after, after Poison: Haber Matanza, box office success in theaters around the world – over $400 million raised –, and with the new sequel to Spider Man It is scheduled to launch in a few weeks, and plans for the future are already being discussed. However, in pioneer preparing to launch Spider-Man: Impossible Home, which is expected to have the best release of any Spider-Man movie in history, has an expectation of $250 million in its early days in America. Internationally, as pre-sales show, it appears to be heading in the same direction.

In an interview with colliderAnd Pascal explains it 3 . poison Implementation and currently being planned. “We are in the planning stages now, but what we are focusing on is getting everyone to come and see There is no place for homeProducer explained. employment random saboteur, A few months ago, we highlighted what Crossing What Sony and Marvel are already considering: Spider-Man vs. Venom.

After the post-credit sequence Haber MatzanzaIt only makes sense that the two characters would meet once and for all at the cinema then spider man 3 (2007), and with entering the multiverse and visiting villains, enemies, and characters from other movie stories that hitherto kept separate or far from each other, it all becomes easier to justify. In addition, there are many specific Venom stories in the comics that have not yet appeared on screen, and this can help create the perfect context for the game. A supposed fight between Tom Hardy (Eddie Brock) and Tom Holland (Peter Parker) on the screen. Perhaps the third solo symbiote installment of a movie in which Marvel’s stylistic characteristics intersect is the perfect play. Whatever the case, Sony Pictures has plans as big as the supposed movie for the six villain That has been rumored for years and that Jared Leto seems to have confirmed in an interview.

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