Massa is adjusting the electoral strategy: he is adding former national security adviser to Barack Obama to the campaign team

Sergio Massa during the press conference he gave during his recent official trip to Brazil

Dan Restrepo knows many secrets of Argentine politics. He had an unforgettable experience in the Oval Office when he witnessed an unusual phone conversation between Barack Obama and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, visited Alberto Fernandez at Villa Olivos during his recent trips to Buenos Aires, and spoke with Sergio Massa with absolute confidence. The presidential candidate is preparing to lead an unprecedented electoral battle against Javier Miley and Patricia Bullrich, and Restrepo has put himself at his disposal. A handful of experts who worked alongside Barack Obama During his years in the White House.

Restrepo will never admit it publicly, but his future job is as Massa’s electoral advisor It includes tacit support from the Joseph Biden administration For the official candidate. Restrepo is a personal friend of Juan Gonzalez – National Advisor for Latin America to the President of the United States – and his participation in the “Unite for the Fatherland” campaign would not have happened without the explicit political alignment that Massa shares with the White House. Gonzalez, in turn, is Massa’s gateway to the Oval Office.

“Dan,” as the former Democratic consultant is known, coordinates election advice from his offices in Washington. They line up next to him Jessica Rees and Robert GibbsWho met Massa several times at his offices on Libertador Street and at his home in Tigre before PASO.

The official candidate pays great attention to social networks and big data applied in the election campaign, These election experts associated with the Democratic Party know all the secrets of technology applied to evangelistic campaigns.

Dan Restrepo while in the White House with Barack Obama: He was National Security Advisor and played a key role in the thaw of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba

Gibbs was the first White House spokesman to use an official Twitter account, and this came days after the impact of an initial tweet by Obama that he published during a visit to the Disaster Operations Center. At that time – the early 2010s – social networking in the political fray was a novelty, and Gibbs used it to the advantage of a Democratic administration that was already preparing to achieve Obama’s re-election.

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In addition to Restrepo and Gibbs, the official candidate will receive technical advice from Jessica Rees, a technology and elections expert who has participated in election campaigns in Panama, Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia, Serbia, South Africa, Thailand and Indonesia, among other countries. Reese deeply knows how Fake news Related to electoral battles It is no coincidence that he joined Massa’s missionary team.

The Union for the Fatherland Party candidate assumes this Steve Bannon He is already participating in the Argentine presidential campaign. Bannon was Donald Trump’s election strategist and served as vice president of Cambridge Analytica, a consulting firm that played a significant role in discrediting Hillary Clinton when she was a presidential candidate in 2016.“If you want to bring about profound changes in society, you must first divide it.” This was the leitmotif Bannon used to convince Trump to land in the White House.

Steve Bannon with Donald Trump when he was National Security Advisor

Reese’s knowledge is the antidote that Massa will apply to prevent Bannon from complicating his election strategy in the runoff. The presidential candidate has already doubled his social media presence, and this approach will deepen as days go by. Massa does not want surprises, and Reis has the experience to avoid them.

“Disinformation only works if voters already have doubts about the candidate. That’s why the best campaigns invest heavily in ways to combat and defend against it. Smart teams build a network of supporters, influencers and youth campaign workers to reach people in their communities via Facebook, WhatsApp or SMS. “Voters trust information from friends, family and people they know,” Reese said.

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Within the next few hours, Massa is scheduled to hold a general meeting of all his campaign experts. The technical design will remain in hands Anthony Gutierrez Rubybut Malina Galmarini He will occupy a central place above Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro, who will continue – officially – as Union por la Patria’s campaign director.

Massa wants to reach the second round and needs a campaign to calm the rising inertia of Miley and remove Bullrich, who is skeptical of Mauricio Macri, and is betting on Carlos Melkonian to confront the official candidate and leader of La Libertad Avanza, to third place. Restrepo, Reiss and Gibbs are the members of the troika who believe it is possible to put Massa through a run-off on November 19.

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