“Manos de mujer”, the original campaign for breast cancer prevention and awareness

“Women’s Hands,” photos by Machado, Mendes, Bartolo, Bellera, Cisneros, Villagran, Abadé and Salgado for the Breast Cancer Prevention Campaign for the Dr. Enrique Rossi Foundation and the Rory Center (CR)

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month announced by the World Health Organization, and despite the importance of work on prevention throughout the year, there is a month with great communication campaigns that remind us main link for prevention.

In this context , Dr. Foundation Russian Enrique and Russian Center they fired A new campaign to highlight the importance of self-examination to prevent breast cancerIn addition to the annual gynecological examinations in which they participated Great callers from Argentina.

The campaign was called Manos de mujer, 7ma. Edition “The Value of Rigorous, Clear Communication and Knowledge Prevents and Can Save Lives.”

Why is self-examination so important? Because it is the hands that can detect anomalies early that may need to be controlled. This is vital for prevention, especially since according to the foundation, “95% of cases are curable when the disease is detected in its early stages.”.

Veronica Lozano, journalist and host: "First love is self love.  take care of yourself" (Photo: Flor Cisneros)
Veronica Lozano, journalist and host: “First love, self-love. Take care of yourself” (Photo: Fleur Cisneros)

According to the data of the World Health Organization, I beat breast cancer Lung disease is the most common form of the disease, accounting for approximately 12% of new cases worldwide annually.

The campaign message “Women’s Hands” speaks about the relevant value of effective communication to improve the well-being of the population. It is even greater within the crisis of isolation imposed on us by the COVID 19 epidemic, where the fear of going out has caused studies to be delayed and we have even forgotten that there are other diseases.

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Health workers are the primary ally, the trusted source, who together with the communicator constitute a Dream Team With the ability to bring about behavioral change in society to improve everyone’s health.

Mariana Arias: "Prioritize your life, don't let yourself be.  You can beat breast cancer" (Photo: Ioana Menendez)
Mariana Arias: “Prioritize your life, don’t leave yourself. You can beat breast cancer” (Photo: Ioana Menendez)

“for the first timeAnd Breast cancer is the most common in the world“, announce Andre Elbaoui, a cancer specialist at the World Health Organization, at a United Nations briefing on World Cancer Day in February this year.

Nevis Zuberbüller, journalist: "I embrace all the women who are fighting this disease (Photo: Federico de Bartolo)
Neves Zuberbüler, journalist: “I embrace all the women who are fighting this disease (Photo: Federico Di Bartolo)

From the Dr. Enrique Rossi Foundation, highlightThe importance of the union between medical and communication professionals as a “strong alliance for good development and effective message transmission”“. We understand the fundamental importance of callers in conveying messages in a rigorous and clear manner to facilitate access and make complexity simple.

Monica Gutierrez, journalist: "Your body is yours.  take care of him.  Touch yourself so you don't get touched" (Photo: Juan Villagrane)
Monica Gutierrez, journalist: “Your body is yours. Take care of it. Touch yourself so it doesn’t get caught” (Photo: Juan Villagrane)

for this reason, From the Rossi Center (CR) and the Rossi Foundation summoned 11 distinguished communications pioneers Veronica Lozano, Mariana Arias, Nevis Zuberbüller, Monica Gutierrez, Dominic Metzger, Deborah Blager, Nora Parr, Celeste Montanari, Daniela Blanco, Maria O’Donnell and Maria Belén Aramburu To give a message in the framework of the global anniversary – October 19, the International Day for Combating and Awareness Against Breast Cancer-. And for the great photographers to photograph: Gabriel Machado, Juan Villagran, Federico de Bartolo, Ioana Menendez, Flor Cisneros, Christian Bellera, Matías Salgado and Sol Abadi.

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The combination of their words and images undoubtedly constitutes a powerful collective message that it is important to address to all women, regardless of their gender.

Dominic Metzger, journalist: "Love them and love yourself!  Love towards us also helps in this fight" (Photo: Christian Bellera)
Dominic Metzger, Journalist: “I love them and I love you! The love towards us also helps in this fight” (Photo: Christian Bellera)

“The hands of these women represent the hands of all women, and they seek to mobilize awareness and form the idea that each is unique and unrepeatable, and that it can be distinguished from other women by its activity, or by its personal characteristics, but that Faced with the possibility of breast cancer, we are all the same“, pointed out Agustina Rossi, Director of the Council for Development and Reconstruction and the Enrique Rossi Foundation.

Deborah Blager: "Love life, don't be afraid, let's face this disease together" (Photo: Matias Salgado)
Deborah Blager: “Love life, don’t be afraid, let’s face this disease together” (Photo: Matias Salgado)

And Agustina Rossi added: “We live in an age of communication, and the meaning of this is the seventh. The Women’s Hands campaign edition is for prevention and awareness raising in this particular time in which we are living in an epidemic where many women have postponed the corresponding and vital studies of their health.”

Nora Bar: "It's only once a year, 30 minutes makes a difference" (Photo: Matias Salgado)
Nora Barr: “Only once a year, 30 minutes makes a difference” (Photo: Matias Salgado)

Early or early detection, that is, when the disease is small, without affecting the axillary nodes, It is one of the long-known signs of a good prognosis, which has not changed its significance despite the emergence of many modern prognostic factors.” precise a Infobae Medical imaging specialist Daniel’s teacherMember of the Argentine Archaeological Society.

Celeste Montanari: "All women of diverse identities should have a mammogram" (Photo: Solabadi)
Celeste Montanari: “All women of different identities should have a mammogram” (Photo: Solabadi)

“A cancer of 10 mm in diameter with an uninfected axillae has a more than 90% chance of surviving at age 10, even when the injury is one of the most aggressive,” he said. lerer.

Daniela Blanco, Infobae journalist: "Expect and take care of yourself" (Photo: Gabriel Machado)
Daniela Blanco, Infobae journalist: “Anticipate y Cuidate” (Photo: Gabriel Machado)

Breast self-examination enables women to take responsibility for their own health”, they announced from a Russian center. Self-examination is recommended to promote awareness among young women, especially women at high risk of developing breast cancer. All women need to know the different ways to do this, from self-examination to healthy daily lifestyle choices.

Maria O'Donnell, journalist: "A mammogram can save your life.  Don't let yourself be!  (Photo: Gabriel Machado)
Maria O’Donnell, Journalist: “A mammogram can save your life. Don’t let yourself be! (Photo: Gabriel Machado)

How do you prevent? In addition to annual gynecological medical examinations, it is necessary to have a mammogram from the age of 35. According to the Rossi Foundation and CDR, “Diagnosis is made by basic mammography around age 35, yearly from age 40, breast ultrasound in young women before age 35, and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) for cases marked.”

Maria Belen Aramburu, journalist: "Watch out, you are very important.  I love you" (Photo: Federico Di Bartolo)
Maria Belen Aramburu, journalist: “Take care of yourself, you are very important. Querete” (Photo: Federico de Bartolo)

After a self-examination, they confirmed it There are some behaviors that help to “reduce the incidence of breast cancer” in the long term, such as eating healthy foods, being physically active, controlling alcohol consumption, and being overweight and obese.

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