The United States asked Russia for proof that it was not planning to invade Ukraine: “Putin can attack from the north, east and south.”

Anthony Blinken (Reuters)

US Secretary of State, Anthony Blink, warned that Russia has to “choose between the path of diplomacy or the path of conflict”, After meeting with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, in Geneva to ease tensions in Ukraine.

Blinken said that the dialogue with him was “frank and substantial,” stressing that the United States would answer Russia’s demands such as Lavrov advances In his press conference. However, he made it clear that it was about sharing “ideas” in writing. In addition, he made it clear that US demands would also be included in this text.

The US diplomat also warned that “Russia has amassed forces that can attack Ukraine from the north, east and south” after its recent deployment, so Lavrov demanded to prove that Moscow is not seeking to invade Ukrainian lands.

We have heard from Russian officials that they do not intend to invade Ukraine. “Indeed, Mr. Lavrov repeated it to me today,” Blinkin told reporters after talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Geneva. “If Russia wants to start convincing the world that it has no aggressive intentions toward Ukraine, a good starting point would be de-escalation and the withdrawal of those forces from the Ukrainian border.“, He said.

Blinken considered it a contradiction for Russia to defend its will to resolve tensions over Ukraine through diplomacy, but at the same time it continues to strengthen its military presence on its border with Ukraine.

Regarding the possibility of holding a summit between Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin, he replied that it would be held if the two countries considered it fruitful in light of future progress.

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We didn’t expect any major breakthrough today, but I think we are now on a clear path in terms of understanding each other’s concerns and positionsBlinken said at a press conference.

The greeting between Blinken and Lavrov in Geneva (Reutes)
The greeting between Blinken and Lavrov in Geneva (Reutes)

Russia is demanding a freeze on NATO expansion towards Eastern Europe.

Blinken renewed the US warning, noting that if Russia chooses to conflict over Ukraine, “there will be serious consequences and international condemnation.”

And Blinken warned after meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister, who told him that “the United States and Europe are ready to meet with Russia on either of these two tracks.”

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