He was attacked by a bulldog in the UK and ended up with serious injuries

UK: A man almost turned his thumb break up Both hands are affected gravityAfter a dog is born, bulldog He and his husky were attacked by an American while walking on a street in Staffordshire, UK.

The events took place on March 13 of this year when Buster, the American bulldog Demi Benbow, survived From his property in Stoke-on-Trent in the West Midlands, they attacked another dog that was being walked by his owner.

The dog allegedly escaped after Benbow’s little son left the doors of the house open, so the dog jumped over the deck. husky dog When walking on a leash, the owner of the animal tried to attack Smashing For dogs, it is badly bitten.

The attack left the man in hospital for six days and he was Working with both hands, “They had to reattach his thumb and tell him they might have to remove it. On the other hand, he has had four surgeries to reattach his palms,” The attorney general in the case, Karen Wright, explained.

Buster, it was a bulldog Immolate And Demi Benbow announced sinner Being the owner of a dog that is dangerously out of control has caused injury. He was fined At £244 or 6,810 pesos, he was ordered to pay 219 pounds or 6,112 pesos in additional costs and legal burdens.

How did the attack happen?

Prosecutor Karen Wright reported that at six in the afternoon, a victim He’s left his house to walk on a leash with Ace, an 11-year-old Siberian husky, and as he’s going through Demi Benbow’s speech, Buster, a bulldog in the park, notices.

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“This dog left the property through an unsecured gate and attacked his dog. The victim tried to stop the dog from hurting his dog by using his free hand to try to separate them. His thumb was bitten. It was a very painful injury. He left his dog’s leash and tried to hit his dog in the face, so he screamed and screamed.” Wright related to judges.

Neighbors heard the commotion about what had happened and left, and the bulldog was taken back to Benbow’s house at the time, where she went out to help the injured man on the street.

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Provided first aid to the injuredAs Wright mentioned, in addition to noting that Benbow was the one who made the emergency call to notify the events.

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