When the peace agreement can be signed, according to Kyiv’s chief negotiator

Podolac presented Interview with Polish media In it, he provided details of the numerous meetings that he and his colleagues were developing with their Russian counterparts in order to stop the invasion, the withdrawal of foreign forces, and the achievement of peace.

President’s advisor Volodymyr Zelensky mentioned that “The immediate withdrawal of Russian forces is one of the main aspects of the peace agreement.” She explained that “the Russian and Ukrainian delegations stick to their positions”, so reaching an agreement on the points involved “could take from a few days to a week and a half. During this time, we should get closer to drafting a peace agreement.”

At the same time, he noted that once the peace is signed, the Vienna Convention will enter into force. She clearly stated that the peace treaty could be annulled if the belligerent nations did not withdraw their forces from enemy territory. Therefore, any attempt to keep Russian soldiers on Ukrainian territory will have no legal basis,” referring to Russia’s commitment to withdraw its army to its territory.

Asked what mechanisms Ukraine would use to implement the peace agreement, Ukraine’s chief negotiator said they would seek alliance with other countries, including Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia, whose prime ministers have been in Kyiv in recent years. days.

Other countries will ensure the implementation of the agreement and the security of Ukraine in the future. It will be a document detailing the procedures to be followed in the event of Russian aggression.” He added that this option was put forward by President Zelensky, which, in his opinion, “can become a proposal to create a completely new balance of power in Europe.”

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In this way, Podolyak reaffirmed the criticism of NATO Like Ukraine giving up its bid to join NATO. He said: “The invasion of Ukraine showed that the entire European security architecture must be checked. We know that Putin can only be stopped by force. Today NATO does not have that strength. In our opinion, it is currently an organization whose operation has been mainly limited to summits wearing The generals have dangerous faces.”

Regarding how this new alliance would be drawn up, he said, “it will not be a document like the Budapest Memorandum”, but a specific agreement that complies with all the rules of international law. He will describe, step by step, the mechanisms that will be put in place in the event of another attack on Ukraine.

“We want to make sure that we are never left alone on the battlefield again. The countries that will act as guarantors, including Russia itself, will bear specific obligations. In the future, this document can be expanded, and based on it, a completely new alliance will be created that guarantees security in all across Europe,” he also expressed what would be a resounding blow to NATO if Europe chooses to build your own security. organisation.

About Possible meeting between Zelensky and Putin to sign a peace agreement“As soon as work on the contract is completed, we will start organizing the meeting,” Podolyak noted. The meeting will take place “in the coming weeks”. And although he did not specify the location, he logically excluded that it was in Moscow: “It could be anywhere, except for Russia.”

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