Japan: The Prime Minister expelled his son after leaking pictures of a ceremony at the official residence

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishidahis son shred Executive Secretary for Political Affairs after they crossed Pictures of him at a controversial party at the official residence. The President of the Republic presented the decision as the resignation of his eldest son. The fun was revealed in the pictures that were published in various local magazines and angered the public.

As it became known, Shotaro Kishida He invited a group of people – including family members – to a New Year’s Eve party on December 30 at the Prime Minister’s official residencea celebration until then not revealed to the public.

Published by Pictures Weekly Shawkan bin Shawn They show Shotaro and those close to him when They laid out red-carpeted staircases, in clear mimicry of the group photos taken for the new closets. In the center of the picture is a post dedicated to the prime minister, Kishida’s son.

Other photos They showed the guests standing on the stage as if they were giving a press conference.

Shotaro and his classmates pose in front of red-carpeted staircases, in apparent mimicry of group photos taken of newly-stocked wardrobes.Shawkan bin Shawn

As Minister of Political Affairs, public office, His actions were inappropriate and she decided to replace him so he could take responsibilityThe prime minister said at a press conference Monday evening. He expected his son to be replaced by another secretary, Takayoshi Yamamoto, on Thursday.

Regarding the party, the chief acknowledged that he had welcomed the guests for a short time and had not stayed with them for dinner. after the ceremony He scolded Shotaro severely. But that failed to quell the persistent criticism from opposition MPs and the atmosphere of public opinion.

Shotaro Kishida lies on the red-carpeted stairs of the Prime Minister’s official residenceShawkan bin Shawn

Kishida appointed his son as secretary, one of eight positions in that hierarchy reporting to the prime minister, in October. The appointment is considered a step to prepare him as an heir. It has been criticized as nepotisma common situation in Japanese politics, has always been dominated by hereditary legislators.

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This wasn’t the first time that Shotaro was criticized for using his official position for private activities. He was questioned for using embassy cars for private sightseeing tours of Britain and Paris and for buying souvenirs for members of the cabinet at a luxury department store in London while accompanying his father on his trips.

Other photos showed guests standing on a stage as if they were giving a press conference.Shawkan bin Shawn

Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno The prime minister’s son’s party at the official residence was previously described as “inappropriate”. He promised to ensure the proper management of the facilities to prevent misuse in the future.

The nearly 100-year-old building used to be the prime minister’s office but was converted into a home in 2005 after a new workspace was built.

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