In the UK, two Spanish streets are among the most beautiful in the world, but they are very far

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Often the most charming features sell for the home, from historic items like fireplaces and wood-beamed ceilings to beautiful gardens decorated with flowers and plants. But, And on the street? What does a traveler like the most when looking at the street?

getagent A UK real estate company has set out to discover the most “scientific” way to get people’s attention. From London to Kyoto, Are the streets decorated with natural wonders like cherry blossoms or deep green trees, Or is it the typical British cobbled streets that people find most attractive?

Hence, they conducted a study using eye-tracking software to discover which streets around the world attract people’s eyes the most. Participants were presented with photos of 50 picturesque streets from all over the world The artificial intelligence technology tracked their eye movements, revealing which images they found most attractive and which ones stayed the longest.

Below we list in detail the ten most beautiful streets in the world according to this research, which ranked the first two Spanish roads on the list in positions 31 and 34.

Top 10 most beautiful streets in the world

1) The Philosopher’s Passage (Kyoto, Japan)

Image credit: Sean Pavone / Alamy Stock Photo

Image credit: Sean Pavone / Alamy Stock Photo

This 2-kilometre pedestrian path in Japan emerged as the most eye-catching street on the planet and managed to catch the eyes of interviewees for an average of 6.2 seconds. – It’s easy to see why: Cherry blossoms are adorned with a blush pink. Spring, which turns vibrant green in summer, Kyoto Philosopher’s Road is definitely a sight to behold.

2) Rue Principal (Rocamadour, France)

photo credit: d

photo credit: d

This amazing street is found in Rocamadour, a small cliff-top town in the south of France, which passes over a million visitors each year. The area is famous for its sanctuaries, because in addition to visitors, the city also attracts a large number of pilgrims. Rue Principale received 363 views in the study, with participants focusing on it for an average of 4.64 seconds.

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3) Baldassar Gallopi Road (Burano, Italy)

photo credit: d

photo credit: d

This vibrant street on the Venetian island of Burano is brimming with color, so it’s no wonder travelers find it particularly beautiful, capturing the attention of survey respondents for an average of 4.22 seconds. Burano itself is known for its brightly colored houses and exquisite lace-making, and is a major attraction for tourists.

4) Herbert Baker Street, (Pretoria, South Africa)

photo credit: d

photo credit: d

This beautiful tree-lined street in South Africa had a total of 256 views, and participants stared at it for an average of 4.17 seconds. The street comes alive throughout the year, displaying its vibrant flowers. These stunning shades of purple and white really make the street stand out, so it’s no wonder it’s one of the five sexiest streets in the world.

5) Lombard Street (San Francisco, USA)

Image source: Fernando Esteban / EyeEm - Getty Images

Image source: Fernando Esteban / EyeEm – Getty Images

All the streets featured in the survey are magnetic, but the descent of Lombard Street in San Francisco is also one of the most pictorial. In the research, people’s gazes stayed on her curves for an average of 4.05 seconds. Perched on a steep hill in San Francisco, this street is instantly recognizable as one of the most iconic streets on the West Coast. With the eight bends of hairpins, cars have to carefully weave on the street. Lombard Street attracts throngs of tourists every year, all hoping to get a picture or two of the famous street.

6) Circus Lane, Edinburgh, Scotland

photo credit: d

photo credit: d

Circus Lane, probably one of the most photographed streets in Edinburgh, is a true beauty. The street is surrounded by two-story stone houses decorated with floral details such as hanging baskets, wall plants and colorful pots. With a total of 272 views, this gorgeous street is scenic whatever the weather, whimsical details and colorful front doors add so much magic when it rains or shines.

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7) The Circus (Bath, England)

photo credit: d

photo credit: d

In the ranking, it ranks seventh among the most attractive streets in the world, but certainly ranks higher among the most famous: this historic row of terraced houses, dating from 1768, was designed by John Wood the Elder and is considered one of the most beautiful examples of Georgian architecture. You can understand why it attracts masses of tourists every year.

8) Gold Hill (Shaftesbury, England)

photo credit: d

photo credit: d

It’s a beautiful cobbled street, up from the city, down a steep slope filled with English charm and lovely little houses from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The views of the countryside and the Blackmore Valley are some of the most romantic in England. When tourists come to the city to enjoy its idyllic scenery and charm, many choose to take a look from the top instead of climbing up the steep hill.

9) Lijnbaansgracht (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

photo credit: d

photo credit: d

channels Amsterdam It is one of the most famous landscapes in the Netherlands and Lijnbaansgracht ranks first as the ninth most attractive street in the world. With more than 295 views and after keeping the eyes of our participants for 3.45 seconds, it is confirmed that its colors, channels and boats are very attractive to its visitors.

10- Orchard Road (Singapore)

Image source: Andrea Pistolesi - Getty Images

Image source: Andrea Pistolesi – Getty Images

This shopper’s paradise is the 10th most attractive street in the study, attracting people’s eyes with an average of 3.31 seconds, with bright lights attracting the most attention. The mix of colorful Baroque houses, outdoor bars and luxury hotels provides plenty of entertainment for visitors as they stroll the street.

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The two Spaniards on the list are…

31- Alley of the Blind (Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz)

Image credit: Cadiz Tourism / Facebook

Image credit: Cadiz Tourism / Facebook

It is not one of the largest streets on the list, but if we pay attention to the survey, we can say that it is the most beautiful Spanish street. A total of 1.88 seconds was the time that drew attention to this route located within the Tío Pepe (González Byass) winery complex. The recipe for its charm is the ground-floor whitewashed houses, charming vine booths and lattice windows.

34) Caves of the Sun (Citenel de las Bodegas, Cadiz)

Image source: japatino - Getty Images

Image source: japatino – Getty Images

The attraction of this small town is that it is carved into a sloping curve, which means that some homes have the rock face as a spine. It was once an Arab fort, if that answers your questions about why people live in a cave without a roof. If you arrive early in the morning, you can walk around town at a comfortable pace, but be careful, the streets are small and steep, so leave your car outside and bring your sneakers.

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