America has a new favorite breed of dog

The Americans They have a new favorite breed of dog. It was announced on Wednesday American Kennel Club (AKC), an organization that specializes in canine health and training. For the first time in 31 years, The Labrador retriever is no longer number one And give way to french bulldogan affectionate and charming dog that can also be the perfect guardian of homes.

The AKC reviewed registration statistics for the most popular breeds from the past year and came to a conclusion The French bulldog was North America’s favorite dog in 2022. This is the first time this dog has reached first place, because defeating a Labrador retriever was not an easy task. The new nominee has been in competition for ten years. The first time he entered Website popularity list 14. With the passage of time, he managed to climb several sites; In 2021 it was ranked second and only in 2022 was it crowned the USA favorite.

The Labrador Retriever ranked second on the list of America’s Favorite Dogs for 2022unsplash

New favorite dog It belongs to an intelligent and compact breed that can adapt to different lifestyles, making it ideal for people from all over the country, explains the organization. He has a “charming and adaptable” nature, and this makes him “well liked by all”. His small size and calm demeanor are two of the main reasons that made him a favourite. Because he can live in apartments and small houses.

dog time, organization that helps stray dogs, He explains on his website The Bulldog was created in England. However, he got his “French” nickname because It was a dog that accompanied English workers in France. At one time they made excellent falcons, but now they are simply “Great friends for the family and show dogs.”

Because of their small size, French Bulldogs can live in apartments or small homes.unsplash

Classified as ‘companion’, these dogs measure about 30cm from shoulder to floor and can weigh from 7 to 12kg. The average life expectancy is 11 to 14 years.

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While there has been a historic shift in first place on the list of favorite dogs, The top five positions did not register much variance compared to 2021. In second place is the recently replaced labrador explorer, at the same time golden retriever he German shepherd and the poodle They held positions from 3 to 5, respectively.

For their part, Rottweilers moved from eighth to seventh place, while the Dachshund surpassed the German Pointer. These last two swapped places nine and ten.

in the lower places There were races that made great leaps during the period from 2021 to 2022, Like the American hairless terrier, Gordon setter, Italian greyhound and Anatolian shepherd dog. dog Italian MastiffThe Belgian Malinois, Giant Schnauzer, and English Cocker Spaniel They have also climbed the popularity ranks over the past ten years.

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by contrast, The last ten posts He was:

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