A Samsung fan trades in his S22 Ultra for an iPhone 13 Pro Max and… he couldn’t be happier

After a long period of buying Samsung smartphones, he tried the iPhone 13 Pro Max and was amazed.

The rivalry between iOS and Android is taken to the extreme by many users, to the point of not being able to see the good that is on the other side. This happened to Samsung fans, A user since the first Galaxy S1 has never thought about buying an iPhone. However, after using Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Disappointed, he decided to give iPhone 13 ProMax.

according to Awake Peter Dragon 50The The latest Samsung devices are not as good as before This prompted him to try the latest iPhones from Apple. An opportunity he doesn’t regret and reveals “that he couldn’t be happier”.

iPhone 13 vs Galaxy S22

This Samsung fan turned iPhone and has no regrets

I’ve been a Samsung user since the Galaxy S1 and never thought I’d be using the iPhone, at least not while the operating system was shut down. I recently gave up my Note 9 (a great phone by the way) and bought an S22U. I was very surprised to find that the experience on the S22U was very poor. I found myself looking at the iPhone 13 Pro Max and decided to give it a try, and was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

iPhone 13 Pro Max highlights

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is Apple’s best iPhone, and while Peter still doesn’t like some things about iOS, he admits that iPhone is a superior device to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra In many aspects.

Although the OS was a bit restrictive for me, it wasn’t an issue at all. Voice commands like texting, making calls, and opening apps are much better than those on Android. I’ve found myself making a shortcut to using Google Search because Siri web search is a bit lacking, but a little tweaking makes it usable.

Its battery is a very favorable point for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and we are not surprised. Compared to Samsung Galaxy S22 UltraAnd the iPhone 13 Pro Max battery becomes insulting Compared to other similar devices, it is the high-end smartphone with the longest battery life.

The 13 Pro Max battery life is incredible, I couldn’t be happier. I love that I don’t have to monitor the battery bar and plan a fast charge in case of an emergency

Samsung Galaxy S22 vs iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone or Android? Which is better

In addition to the drums, Peter also highlights the sound. In the iPhone 13 Pro Max, we have a dual stereo flap, one in the bottom area and one in the top area. iPhones have always been characterized by soundAnd the iPhone 13 Pro Max is an example.

The sound is well balanced between the upper and lower speakers, and the sound is very full, especially the small volume (compared to the S22U).

Despite the good experience, Peter also reveals that he is missing a few things. Particularly noteworthy is the possibility of Inability to install apps from outside the App Store and personalization. Although this is something that has improved greatly and that with iOS 16 Take a new leap with your new lock screen.

I still like the sideload option for some apps and the ability to fully customize the app screens and icons without having to use shortcuts, but the rest of the experience makes these little things easy to ignore. If Samsung finds out [los problemas] Their product line and making phones that I know they can, I’ll probably come back again, but until then I’m fine.

An Android fan switches to his iPhone and makes a list of things he hates and things he likes
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They sure are Interesting opinions to hear. Although there are some Things Android Users Hate About the iPhoneThe truth is More and more Google system users are moving to iPhone. This is another example.

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