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  • The dispute related to the service contracts in which Pemex had violated, so the affected companies decided to file them for an international lawsuit.
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Mexico City. Petroleos Mexicanos (PemexAbout to face new international arbitration in front of American companies for breaching contracts of more than five years in the dispute.

(Petition submitted to the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes)ICSID), On May 12, regarding the dispute over issues related to the oil and gas sectors, which is based on provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Mexico-US-Canada Trade Agreement (T-MEC).

The dispute relates to some service contracts in which Pemex has been in breach, and after a dispute in Mexican courts where it cannot be resolved, the affected companies decided to file it for an international suit.

The companies that have requested the international supplier are Finley Resources Inc and MWS Management Inc. And Prize Permanent Holdings, investors in the hydrocarbon sector, who carry out activities such as operating oil facilities or services.

The company representing the plaintiffs will be Thompson & Knight and will be intended to protect investments made in Mexico of such companies in the hydrocarbon sector until an agreement is reached with the state company.

Despite the fact that Mexico appears as a defendant, all the information related to the lawsuit will be directed against him will be the General Directorate for Legal Advice on International Trade under the Ministry of Economy.

This request comes a few days before the first meeting between the three signatories of T-MEC to learn about the progress made in the treaty, in which the Minister of Economy, Tatiana Klotheer, will participate.

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