The king asks to “seize the opportunity” to promote science

On Monday, the king asked to “seize the opportunity” to give a new impetus to the Spanish system of science and innovation. In times of pandemic, when it has been proven that only through research can the hope of society advance, the head of state emphasized that there is room for hope in “a final push and building a better country.”

The Kings attended, at El Pardo Palace, the handover of the 2020 National Research Awards awarded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation to Francisco Sanchez Madrid, Susana Narotsky, Jose Capmani, Elias Campo, Nizario Martin, Xavier Cuérol and Carme Torres. And Laura Leishuga, Louis Ibanez, and Xavier Vives.

Kings accompanied by Minister of Science and Innovation, Pedro Duque (1st), at the start of the 2020 National Research Awards ceremony taking place Monday at Palacio de El Pardo

Shima Moya / Effie

The king addressed them by saying, “There are years more difficult than others for research and those who implement it, but the emergence of covid has greatly shed light on the value of science as an essential tool to solve many of the great human challenges.” Felipe highlighted the high level of science in Spain and asked “to continue the work so that Spanish scientists, also in the international arena, occupy their rightful place.”

The National Research Awards, created in 1982, represent the most important recognition in Spain in the field of scientific research. Their aim is to distinguish between the merits of these researchers of Spanish nationality who do outstanding work in scientific fields of international importance and who contribute exceptionally to the advancement of science, the transfer of technology and the advancement of mankind. These prizes are worth € 300,000 (€ 30,000 per prize).

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