They launch an app that allows you to turn an idea into a work of art using artificial intelligence from your cell phone

Creating, exploring, and turning images into works of art in seconds from a sentence of up to 100 characters is now possible with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), as suggested by an app from Canadian company Wombo, which was recently launched to the digital world.

“Create beautiful works of art using the power of artificial intelligence!” Announcing the company Toronto.

How do you make art?

“Enter a message, choose an art style, and watch Wombo Dream transform your idea into an AI-powered painting in seconds”, which indicates that “Achieving a dream is easy” Which you just need to download this app which has more than 500,000 downloads and weighs only 9.7MB, available from mobile app store.

“dream” It is the free-to-download application (app) or software for devices using the Apple Android or iOS operating systems that, two weeks after its launch in November, has already had more than 10 million jobs created, according to the company’s Instagram post.

From the phrase the user writes (or chooses from the suggestions) and chooses from dozens of available art styles (mystical, festive, psychedelic, and fantastic, among others), you can play, choose, and learn with the images that “Prepared” application, from a device or from a web browser.

The application creates digital images using artificial intelligence that can then be shared on social networks with the title and opening phrase, and even allows to download them in good definition 1920 x 1080 pixels, in trading card format (collectible cards) or set as wallpaper.

Although there are various uses of artificial intelligence technology applied to art and this is not the first, the simplicity of the application in this case draws attention due to the result of its images, which led to its classification as one of the “Best Artificial Intelligence Technical Generators” From the idea (and here the creativity returns to the user) to start without the need to install software or personal photos as highlighted by the broker. Newyo.

Wombo is also the creator of the viral app that allows moving a file “Selfie” Or photos of politicians, actors and singers, for example, make the photo come alive and “sing”, according to a musical theme chosen by the user.

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In the case of Dream, the app that produces many posts on Twitter, it has many users in the US who use it to create viral games and illustrations for books and comics, according to Applicantes, which specializes in apps, mobile games and startups.

The software is available on Google Play, App Store and also on

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