The UK is starting a major de-escalation phase: it allows trips abroad, football fans and pubs customers

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The United Kingdom is again allowing hugs between family members, trips abroad and reopening of boarding hotels, after nearly five months of restrictions to contain the Coronavirus.

The country begins this new de-escalation step on Monday, despite authorities’ concern about the expansion of the Indian variant of Covid, especially in northern England.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked last night for a “dose of caution” in the face of the resurgence of social contacts, he said “Everyone should contribute” to avoid spreading and remember the message “hands, face, space, fresh air.”

“Be wary of the dangers to your loved ones, and remember that physical contact, like hugging, is a direct way to transmit this disease.” Johnson said in a video posted on Twitter: “So they have to think about the risks they are considering, for example, if They were vaccinated. “

British Airways CEO Sean Doyle said on Monday, in statements to the BBC from London’s Heathrow Airport, that the epidemic “has been cruel to our people.”

File picture: A British Airways plane passes Terminal 5 at London's Heathrow Airport on March 14, 2020. (Reuters) / Simon Dawson
File picture: A British Airways plane passes Terminal 5 at London’s Heathrow Airport on March 14, 2020. (Reuters) / Simon Dawson

He added, “It is wonderful to see all of our employees again today, who wish to welcome our customers and are happy to be part of the aviation rebuilding.”

Some tourists wasted no time, such as Keith and Janice Tomset, a retired couple aged 72 and 71 who were “looking forward” to a trip to Madeira, Portugal, one of the few destinations not subject to quarantine. Back to the UK.

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“After 15 months in jail, this suits us perfectly,” Tomsett told the BBC at London’s Gatwick Airport.

In England, pubs, bars and restaurants will be able to serve their customers at home, while people from two different families will be able to meet inside, with a maximum of six, while museums, cinemas, theaters and sports stadiums will reopen. And children’s playgrounds and hotels.

    Reuters / Jason Kerndoff
Reuters / Jason Kerndoff

In Scotland, people will be able to meet inside, with a maximum of six, while bars and restaurants are allowed to serve alcohol indoors until 9:30 pm local time.

Just like in England, Cinemas, theaters and game centers will reopen from Monday In Scotland, however They can number up to a maximum of 100 people inside.

In Wales, bars and restaurants will also reopen at home, hotels, cinemas, museums and galleries will be active again, while Northern Ireland will review its reservation rules on May 20.

With more than 127,600 people dying from the epidemic, the United Kingdom, the worst-affected country in Europe, has seen its health improve after strict confinement during the winter season and a massive vaccination campaign.

But the advancement of the Indian alternative, especially in northwest England, threatens to darken the outlook.

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