Escape rooms, board games and various workshops to bring science closer to Zaragozan

Javier warms up at the starting line (they are really two devices that measure pace), as if he were a soccer player before jumping onto the field. Hey shouts, running to the other end. 2.83 seconds is how long it took. “He’s 16,” says his friend Esteban. The St. George University Research Fair has brought science closer to Zaragoza through activities like thisand “escape rooms”, board games and other workshops in the courtyard of Fundación Ibercaja’s headquarters.

From 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM this Sunday, many families came to this fair organized by USJ to enjoy its workshops. With this event, the Campus concludes the activities it has been carrying out for scholarly publication, such as the information “mupis” installed on the Paseo de la Independencia. Beatriz Jenner, Vice-Chancellor for Research, explained that the university’s research groups use their subjects of study, such as health, mobility, pharmacology … “Science shows are held so that people get close to this region in a very interesting way and we encourage scientific professions and learn a lot”Jenner explains.

Among the more featured workshops are biomechanical assessment and motion analysis tests. With this, you can measure the speed of reflexes, the height of the jump or the speed of the sprint. Little Lucia, with four devices fixed in front of her, was trying to touch the right plate at the speed of light. He would say, “This activity is my favourite.” Right behind, some young men were jumping with all their might.

Pirates and their ships also had their space in the children’s coloring workshop. Right next to it, the family was learning, in a board game, the different ways to move around a city Zaragoza. A pedestrian, bus, and car circulated on the board that was the starting point of Delicias Station, Campus Río Ebro, or Cogullada. In addition, there were also teachings about emotions, about language or scientific experiments, among many other activities.

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