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The conflict between employees of El Sol and Luis Mazurier morning gave an unprecedented situation: it is possible to find two different versions of the newspaper on the Internet, one for each side.

The address is “uploaded” by partners confronting the former president of CODESAL, while the traditional URL,, can access content posted by the former official.

On this latter site, Mazurier writes first-hand, although his signature is not visible. In addition to articles in which he appeals to figurative language, he directs harsh and discriminatory criticisms of Edgardo Peravan and other members of COTRAPRETEL, whom he tries to mock them for their physical features, and he deals with, and even holds, the affairs of the city of Concordia. Off proposals for the common good.

This Saturday, for example, Louis Mazurier developed two initiatives: a new cemetery and special scholarships for medical students.

“It occurred to me, since we do not have the money to build the children’s hospital that Sordeaux wants to do, and one day, it will become a reality and we will fight to bear his name and Fermin, in appreciation of his firm decision to do so, to fight windmills, like Don Quixote, alone, Don Sancho Panza to accompany him, which is appropriate at least to start thinking about where those who leave us due to the pandemic and those who die of rest will leave us will rest. Natural problems, “he says. He immediately addressed the mayor of Concordia, calling him by name: “Perhaps, It would be time for Alfredo, Which will not be able to open the Hospital de Ninos del Sordo in Medina, at least it can open a new cemetery for Concordia. Nice thing, with lots of parks and green grass oatmeal with simple facilities for cremation and other necessary services so that we can all say goodbye to those who leave before we rest in a place we are happy to visit Let us remember that we do not forget those who went from us to Heaven and who of us has the Christian hope for Find them again one day. “

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In the following paragraphs, he alludes, just as fleetingly, to the vicissitudes of his relationship with Juan Carlos Cristo, who says he was interested in making scholarships for medical students a reality: “Another question that fits in this sense is that a ‘deaf’ thinks and shares in relation to public health, that is. In the necessary training for physicians and Yesterday morning I sent a WhatsApp message to Juan Carlos Cristo, the person with whom I have been in conflict for a long time due to the quarrels of the moment., To spark his interest in an idea that could be turned into reality by thinking that it was the JCC that created the Provincial Scholarship Institute. “

“I wrote to him – Mazurier adds – to tell him that a scholarship system could be implemented that would cover all high school students with the best grades, in order to fund the entire medical profession. What is necessary so that they can study and become doctors, and reinvest – which the state should make – in the opening hours of a public hospital.I was not referring to two or three students, but to a hundred of the best students, renewed annually so that we have about 20 Or 30 doctors newly received every year and in different specialties: intensive care specialists for intensive care units, traumatologists, surgeons, allergists, in short, a winter bed Professionals who are much more necessary than those who are received today – in other professions – and drive cars Rented because they can’t find what they’re doing. “

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In concluding his opening remark, Mazurier affirms that he will not tire of “exposing ideas”, and does not care that some powerful people make them their own: “Maybe someone, who has the power to put it into practice, copies it and says, ‘If I had a great idea … I’ll clap it because I don’t want to be the owner of what I can’t do it’s easyBut to create an environment that compels those who can promote something positive for themselves and others to think, like many young people who do not know what to do upon finishing high school and will find an outlet for their desire to advance in life, reinstate the state’s effort, with their personal work in a public hospital, as soon as they receive them. From doctors ”.

Louis Mazurier wasn’t always “easy”, as he now says. For 10 years, with the rank of minister, he headed the Salto Grande Development Foundation, and today he is expected to be able to prove his declared innocence in the oral and public debate – which is still undated – at which he will be tried. On the alleged crime of “embezzlement”, while working as a public servant.

19 workers – COTRAPRETEL partners who confront him in court and in front of INAE – also denounced him, attributing irregularities in dealing with the aforementioned cooperative’s bank accounts.

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